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Afanador-Hernández, Yashira M.  2016.  Establishing the Contribution of Candidate Polymorphisms to the Development of End Stage Kidney Disease in Puerto Rico.  1.8 MB

Kelly-Castro, Emily C.  2016.  Potential Bioremediation Role of Manglicolous Fungi Associated with the Mangrove Tree, Rhizophora mangle, in Puerto Rico.  2.8 MB

Marín-Maldonado, Frances M.  2016.  Comparative Genomics of Indels in Primate Lineages and the Possible Effect of the MET Promoter Indel on Gene Expression.  2.4 MB

Tosado-Rodríguez, Eduardo L.  2016.  Phylogenetic and Taxonomical Characterization of Microbial Populations Putatively Capable of Autotrophic Ammonia Oxidation from Marine, Saline and Hypersaline Environments at the Cabo Rojo Salterns, Puerto Rico.  2.4 MB

Zambrana-Echevarría, Cristina.  2016.  Genetic Diversity, Incidence and Occurrence of Papaya Ringspot Virus in Puerto Rico:  Influencing Disease Management and Control Strategies.  10.2 MB



Arocho-Hernández, Nahíra. 2015. Comparison of the Macroinvertebrates Communities in Areas Covered and Devoid of the Floating Fern Salvinia spp. in Boquerón Wildlife Refuge (BWR) at Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico. 5.7 MB

Galindo-Estronza, Alexandra M. 2015. A Morphological and Molecular Contribution on Benthic Ostracods, with Emphasis on the Populations of Caribbean Mesophotic Reefs. 134 MB

Medina-Rodríguez, Orlando J. 2015. Vocal Interactions and Song Performance in Adelaide’s Warbler (Setophaga adelaidae). 1.8 MB

Negrón-Talavera, Ginamary. 2015. Monitoring the Diversity and Species Distribution of Enterococci at a Subtropical Seawater System in Mayagüez, Puerto Rico. 1.6 MB

Ruiz-Medina, Kelvin J. 2015. Efecto de las variaciones en la radiación fotosintética activa (“PAR”) en el contenido nutricional del mirto, Murraya exotica (Rutaceae), y su habilidad de sustentar a diaphorina citri (Hemiptera: Liviidae), vector de la enfermedad de enverdecimiento de cítricos. 928 kb


Cardona-Correa, Albin A.  2015.  Detection and Characterization of Bacillus anthracis Lethal Factor Interacting Proteins Using Human Stomach T7 Phage Display cDNA Libraries.  2.5 MB.

Ferrer-González, Edgar F.  2015.  Biocatalytic Activity Screening for the Advanced Glycation End Product (Nε-Carboxymethyl-Lysine) in Metagenomics Libraries.  2.9 MB.

Ferrer-González, Frank X.  2015.  Antibiotic Resistance Screening in Metagenomics Libraries Generated from Cave Soil of Puerto Rico.  1.7 MB.

Figueroa-Ruíz, Maricelys.  2015.  Assessing Plant Collection Effort in the Guánica Forest Reserve.  2.1 MB.

Rivera, Israel.  2015.  Asthma and Genetics of Admixture in Puerto Ricans.  1.7 MB.

Rivera-Beede, Ivonne M.  2015.  Seasonality and Prevalence of the Fungal Trichomycete Asellaria jatibonicuai in the Terrestrial Isopod Litthorophiloscia culebrae.  1.8 MB.

Rosario-Rodríguez, Ramón A.  2015.  Characterization of Protein Expression Profile During Development of the Puerto Rican Monarch Butterfly Danaus plexippus megalippe f. portoricensis A. Clark, 1941 (Lepidoptera: Danainae).  388 kb.



Cosme-Reyes, Stephanie M. 2014. Genetic Diversity Assessment of Naturalized Cacao (Theobroma cacao L.) in Puerto Rico Using Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms. 1.0 MB.

Martínez-Feliciano, Merylin. 2014. Metabolic and Molecular Characterization of an Acetate and Lactate-Degrading Microbial Consortium. 7.3 MB.

Plaza-Muñiz, Wilmarie. 2014. Spatial Distribution and Seed Dynamics of Invasive Mimosa pigra in Laguna Cartagena National Wildlife Refuge, Puerto Rico. 2.7 MB.

Rivera-Pagán, Ingrid T. 2014. Chromosomal Rearrangements of Psittacidae Evolution: Zoo-FISH in Amazona vittata and in Silico Analysis of Chromosomal Rearrangements Validated By De Novo PCR. 3.9 MB.

Rodríguez-Vargas, Lorainne I. 2014. Net-Plankton Diatoms of Puerto Rican Water Reservoirs as Potential Bioindicators of Trophic Status. 2.7 MB.

Tascón-Peñaranda, Edna P. 2014. Relación entre los principales linajes indígenas del ADN mitocondrial en las islas de Puerto Rico y República Dominicana. 1.7 MB.


Babilonia-Figueroa, Kevin.  2014.  Characterization of novel cassava genes involved in cyanide detoxification, β-cyanoalanine synthase and cysteine synthase, using Arabidopsis thaliana mutants.   2.0 MB.


Almodóvar-Pérez, Roxanne M. 2014. Consequences of invasive grass removal on above and below ground ecosystem dynamics within abandoned agricultural land in the Laguna Cartagena National Wildlife Refuge, Puerto Rico. 2.0 MB

Cely-Ortiz, Christian C. 2014. Social behavior, exocrine glands and facial structure in Mischocyttarus mexicanus cubicola Richards (Hymenoptera, Vespidae). 5.2 MB

Riascos-Cuero, Carolina. 2014. Streptomyces asociados a nidos de Nasutitermes costalis y Nasutitermes acajutlae (Isoptera: Termitidae) en tres zonas ecológicas de Puerto Rico. 4.1 MB





García-Cancel, Juan G.  2013.  Effects of Native and Non-native Grasses on Woody Species Regeneration in a Puerto Rican Subtropical Dry Forest.  2.7 MB.

García-Nieves, Yeidaliz.  2013.  Determination of Parvovirus B19 IgG in Blood Plasma of Elementary School Teachers of Western Puerto Rico.  2.4 MB.

Márquez-Nogueras, Karla M.  2013.  Anaerobic Degradation of Marine Algae, Seagrass and Tropical Climbing Vines to Produce a Renewable Energy Source and the Analysis of their Anaerobic Microbial Communities.  17.0 MB.

Pasiche-Lisboa, Carlos J.  2013.  Protonematal Dispersal by Water, Wind, and Animal.  954 kb.

Santiago-Vera, Josué D.  2013.  Are Natural Microcosms Composed of Community Alternative Stable States? Insights from a Simple Community of Ciliates and Testate Amoebae within the Phytotelma of Tillandsia utriculata L. (Bromeliaceae) in Guánica State Forest, Puerto Rico. 2.9 MB.


Natal-Molina, Gloria M.  2013.  Inventario de hongos asociados a suelo enriquecido con guano de murciélago en Cueva de los Culebrones, en la reserva Mata de Plátano (Arecibo, Puerto Rico).  1.3 MB.

Pereira-Castañeda, Daniel A.  2013.  Function of Song Type Matching in Adelaide’s Warbler (Setophaga adelaidae) in Cabo Rojo Wildlife Refuge (Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico).  557 kb.

Ramos-Güivas, Brian.  2013.  Predicting Reproductive Success in Captive Puerto Rican Parrots (Amazona vittata).  505 kb.


Colón-Merced, Ricardo J.  2013. Evaluación cuantitativa de presas potenciales, tipo artrópodo, y análisis paisajista del hábitat potencial para la Reinita de Bosque Enano (Setophaga angelae) en Puerto Rico.  3.2 MB.

Colón-Reyes, Rodney J.  2013.  The use of two heterologous hosts for the study of virulence of Cryptococcus neoformans/gattii from Puerto Rico.  633 kb.

Francis-Guiblet, Wilfried M.  2013.  Signatures of Selection in the Indel-Containing Coding Sequences from Human to Primate Genome Comparisons.  1.7 MB.

Méndez-Morales, Emanuel. 2013. Diversity of Actinobacteria Associated with Nasutitermes costalis Termite and their Ability to Inhibit the Growth of Entomopathogenic Fungi.

López-Mejía, Jessica.  2013.  Plant diversity and vegetation structure as factors correlated with parasitoid wasp (Hymenoptera: Braconidae and Ichneumonidae) diversity in a degraded dry forest ecosystem in Puerto Rico.  1.2 MB.

Olmo-Fontánez, Angélica M.  2013.  Diversity Of Bacteria Associated with the Mangrove Fiddler Crab, Uca rapax, in Boquerón, Puerto Rico and their Cellulose Degradation Capacity.  4.2 MB.

Osorio-Quintero, Catherine.  2013.  Entomofauna asociada a Pleurotus spp. y Auricularia spp. de los bosques de la olimpia, susúa y río abajo, en Puerto Rico.   1.6 MB.

Ríos-Franceschi, Alejandro.  2013.  Spatio-temporal changes of the herpetofaunal communities in Mount Resaca and Luis Peña Cay National Wildlife Refuges at Culebra Island, Puerto Rico.  2.0 MB.

Rodríguez-Bonilla, Lorraine.  2013.  Assessment of the genetic diversity of Puerto Rican sweet potato (Ipomoea batatas (L.) Lam.).  2.5 MB.

Santiago-Medina, Pricilla.  2013.  The Effects of the Nanotopography of Titanium Surfaces on Osteoblast Adhesion and Differentiation.  4.1 MB.



Castro Díaz, Zenaida. 2012. Detection of Integron-encoded Integrases in Environments with Moderate Anthropogenic Impact from Puerto Rico. 3.6 MB.

García Roldán, Erileen X. 2012. Parasitic Eggs in Ancient Coprolites from Archeological Sites in Puerto Rico. 1.7 MB.

Montoya Giraldo, Augusto L. 2012. Phylogenetic Analysis and Taxonomic Revision of the Neotropical Genus Argentinomyia Lynch Arribálzaga, 1891 (Diptera: Syrphidae). 2.7 MB.


Estrella-Riollano, Ana I. 2012. Ecology of the Asian clam, Corbicula fluminea (Müller), and its Impact on the Benthic Invertebrates in Guajataca and La Plata Reservoirs, Puerto Rico.  6.1 MB.

Vásquez-Vélez, Laura M.2012. Revision and Phylogeny of the Genus Pselaphomorphus Motschulsky, 1855 (Staphylinidae, Pselaphinae: Jubini). 3.2 MB.

Velázquez-Candelario, Odalies. 2012.  Diversidad de hormigas (Insecta: Hymenoptera: Formicidae) en cultivos de cítricos y áreas boscosas aledañas a zonas agrícolas del oeste de Puerto Rico. 4.1 MB.


Bracero-Quiñones, Luciann. 2012. Genetic Variation in the African Mitochondrial Haplogroup L3e in Puerto Rico. 383 kb.

Colón-Ruiz, Janesse S. 2012. Understory Plant Communities in the Surroundings of the Joyuda Lagoon, Puerto Rico. 1.6 MB.

Flores-Nieves, Chris Z. 2012. Effects of Food Concentration in the Competition Between Larvae of the Introduced Cane Toad (Rhinella Marina) and the Native White-Lipped Frog (Leptodactylus Albilabris). 1.2 MB.

Hernández-Reyes, Ruth D. 2012. Diversity of Actinobacteria Associated with Common Ant Species in the Guánica Tropical Dry Forest, Puerto Rico. 8.6 MB.

Medina-Rivera, Mariely. 2012. Interaction Between the Fungus-growing Ant Cyphomyrmex minutus and its Symbionts at Cambalache Forest, Puerto Rico. 1.6 MB.

Piñero-García, Luis A. 2012. Anaerobic Bioconversion of Collagen to Methane. 892 kb.

Torres-Zapata, Irimar. 2012. Generation of Large-insert Metagenomic Libraries from Subtropical Hypersaline Microbial Mats and their Screening for Antibiotic Resistance. 2.1 MB.

Vega-Alvarez, Sascha M. 2012. Drosophila as A Versatile in Vivo Testbed for Nanomaterial Toxicity Assessment. 4.8 MB.

Vélez-Bravo, Andrés H. 2012. Revision and Phylogeny of the Neotropical Subfamily Nyctiborinae (Dictyoptera: Blattaria: Ectobiidae). 3.0 MB.



Acevedo-Méndez, Geidy.  2011.  Phylogeny of five species of Anilocra Leach 1818 (Isopoda: Cymothoidae) from Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands.  2.4 MB.

Alvarez-Pérez, Odalys.  2011.  Probing for Clinical Integrons and Integron-Encoded Antibiotic Resistance Genes as Molecular Indicators of Wastewater-Related Degradation of Subtropical Coastal Environments. 1.9 MB.

Báez-Crespo, Alexa M. 2011. Replication Efficiency of the LuIII Parvovirus Minigenomes 3’LUIII3’ and 3’LUIII5’. 1.1 MB

Cardona-Duque, Juliana.  2011.  Description and Phylogeny Of Azotoctla, a new Neotropical Genus Of Acalyptini (Coleoptera: Curculionidae: Curculioninae) Associated with the Staminodes of Cyclanthaceae. 9.9 MB.

Díaz-Lameiro, Alondra M.  2011.  Mitochondrial Phylogeny of Sphaerodactylus Species Endemic to Islands in the Mona Passage and its Biogeographical Implications. 15.9 MB.

Jiménez-Santiago, Gina I.  2011.  Diversity of Moderately Halophilic Bacteria Associated with the Soil of the Black Mangrove, Avicennia germinans. 42.1 MB.

Soto-Feliciano, Kristina M. 2011. The Purple Non-Sulfur Anoxyphototrophic Bacteria from Subtropical Hypersaline Microbial Mats in the Cabo Rojo Salterns. 1.6 MB.


Carrero González, Ivenise.  2011.  Tracing maternal Amerindian ancestry in the Aruban population through mtDNA sequencing.  869 MB.

Carrero-Figueroa, Katherine.  2011.  Microbial Characterization of an Unmined Porphyry Deposit at Bosque Del Pueblo (Adjuntas, PR).  1.4 MB.

Malavé-Orengo, Josué.  2011.  A Bioluminescent Bacterial Survey from Marine Ecosystems of Puerto Rico for the Determination of their Potential Use as Biosensors.  1.8 MB.

Mazo-Vargas, Anyimilehidi.  2011.  Untangling the effects of biogeography and host plant associations: phylogenetic and phylogeographic studies in the Exophthalmus genus complex.  2.9 MB.

Román-Juliá, Roberto O.  2011.  Fluconazol Resistance in Yeast Populations from Coastal Habitats Impacted By Sewage and Wastewater Discharges.  8.7 MB.

Rosado-Rodriguez, Gualberto. 2011. Mycelial Fungal Diversity Associated with Leatherback Sea Turtle (Dermochelys coriacea) Nests in the Mayagüez-Añasco Bay Coast, Western Puerto Rico. 3.1 MB.

Salcedo-Jordán, Andrés F. 2011. Time Course Gene Expression Profiling of Cassava Roots (Manihot esculenta) Under Physiological Postharvest Deterioration. 5.6 MB.


Boothby-Carlo, Eduardo.  2010.  Abundancia y distribución de Pontodrilus litoralis en las costas cercanas al Faro de Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico.  504 kb.  

Burgos-Muñiz, Ricardo. 2010.  Isolation of Interacting Peptides to Bacillus anthracis Lethal toxin (LF) by T7 Phage Display.  20.1 MB. 

Cardona-Cardona, Vanessa Z.  2010.  Molecular Analysis, Physiological Study and Biotechnological Capabilities of Blue Pigmented Bacteria from Puerto Rico.     1.1 MB. 

Cancel-Vélez, José I.  2010.  Studies of the population ecology, reproductive biology and conservation status of Crescentia portoricensis (Britton) [Bignoniaceae].  6 MB.

Escobar–Ramos, Paola M.  2010. Comunidad de macroinvertebrados acuáticos y la calidad biológica de cuatro ríos de Puerto Rico. 1.5 MB.

Girón-Duque, Jennifer C.  2010.  Revision and Phylogeny of the Caribbean genus Apodrosus Marshall, 1922 (Coleoptera: Curculionidae: Entiminae). 1.4 MB.

Herrera-Giraldo, José L.  2010. Herpetofaunal Species Composition on the Vieques National Wildlife Refuge, Vieques, Puerto Rico. 3.3 MB.

López-Morales, Carol V.  2010. Initial Approaches Towards the Understanding of Catabolite Repression in Halophilic Archaea and the Characterization of an alpha-glucosidase (Maltase) from Haloquadratum walsbyi. 1.8 MB.

Montero-Rojas, María del M.  2010.  Genetic Diversity and Differentiation of Cassava (Manihot esculenta Crantz) Accessions in Puerto Rico.  2.9 MB. 

Ospina–Sánchez, Claudia M. Caracterización de las poblaciones de colémbolos asociados a la hojarasca de un bosque secundario en Mayagüez, Puerto Rico. 1.3 MB.

Pérez-Pérez, Mervin E. 2010. Do novel Spathodea campanulata forests function as habitat for bryophytes? Analysis of diversity and establishment process. 924 kb.

Ramos, Cynthia.  2010.  Characterization of Earthworm Taxonomic Structure of Coffee (Coffea arabica) Plantations in Puerto Rico.  265 kb.

Sánchez-Román, Anadeliz. 2010. Diversidad micótica asociada a heces de gallinas ponedoras, Gallus gallus, en dos granjas avícolas de Puerto Rico. 1.80 MB. 

Toledo-Durán, Gloried E. 2010. Biogeography of Copper-Rich Soil Microbial Communities Associated with Gleichenella pectinata and Sticherus bifidus at Bosque del Pueblo (Adjuntas, PR) and Bosque Estatal de Maricao (Sabana Grande, PR). 7.7 MB.

Valentín-Torres, Suheidy.  2010.  Its-5.8S-rDNA Region and Disease Severity Comparison of Rhizoctonia solani Anastomosis Groups Isolated from Common Bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) at Isabela, Puerto Rico.  821 kb.


Acevedo-Matos, Julio O.  2008.  Distribución temporal de hongos miceliales en una zona industrial en Mayagüez, Puerto Rico.  5.4 MB.

Bello Melo, Samir A.  2009.  Effects of Thermal Oxidation of Gamma Titanium Aluminide on Human Osteoblast Adhesion.  5.8 MB.

Couto-Rodríguez, Mara. 2009. Endophytic Prokaryotic Diversity Associated with Sea Grass Beds of Thalassia testudinum from Cabo Rojo, Lajas, and Vieques, Puerto Rico.  8.2 MB.

Díaz-Matallana, Marcela. 2009. In Search of Pre-Columbian Migrations to The Caribbean: Indigenous Mitochondrial DNA from Northern South America.  2.05 MB.

Díaz-Zabala, Héctor J. 2009. Procedencia del ADN mitocondrial euroasiático occidental en Puerto Rico.  3.86 MB.

Hernández-Roa, Jonatan J.  2009.  Estacionalidad en la infección de Enterobryus halophilus (Opisthokonta: Mesomycetozoa) en el intestino de Emerita portoricensis (Decapoda: Hippidae).  1.78 MB.

Marrero-Degró, Josean D. 2009. Converting Toxic Cyanide Into Valuable Aminoacids: Isolation of β-Cyanoalanine Synthase in Cassava (Manihot esculenta Crantz) and Evaluation of its Physiological Role.  3.8 MB.

Monsegur-Rivera, Omar A.   2009.  Vascular Flora of the Guánica Dry Forest, Puerto Rico.  2.8 MB.

Valentín Vargas, Alexis. 2009. Dinámica y distribución de comunidades bacterianas en dos biorreactores de lodos activados en plantas de tratamiento de aguas residuales domésticas.  3.87 MB.

Vega-Sepúlveda, Juan A. 2009 Bacterias fototróficas anoxigénicas púrpuras no-sulfurosas en la fitotelmata de bromelias en diversos bosques de Puerto Rico.  9.5 MB


Agosto-Díaz, Ramón E.  2008.  Human and environmental factors explaining the structural and compositional variability in a Sub-tropical Dry Forest. 464 kb.

Camacho-Garzón, Yudy A.  2008.  Biodiversidad de ciliados y su contribución a la productividad secundaria en briófitos del Bosque Estatal de Toro Negro, Puerto Rico.  2.4 MB.

Caro-Quintero, Alejandro.  2008.  Diversity and Microbial Community Structure at a Former Military Ranges in Vieques (Puerto Rico).  5.5 MB.

Castellanos-Morales, César A.  2008.  Análisis arquitectónico de Buxus vahlii Baillon (Buxaceae) en dos ambientes diferentes de Puerto Rico.  3.6 MB.

Colón-Ortiz, Lourdes.  2008.  Species Richness of Cyanobacteria, Diatoms, and Ciliates in Microbial Mats of the Cabo Rojo Salterns, Puerto Rico.  7.77 MB.

Correa-Morales, Ana M.  2008.  Application of Simple Sequence Repeat (SSR) Markers for Genotype  Differentiation of 24 Cassava (Manihot esculenta Crantz) Accessions.  697 kb.

Delgado-Torres, Jessica.  2008.  Prevalence, Characterization and Antimicrobial Susceptibility of Salmonella SPP. from Organic, Kosher and Conventional Chicken in Retail Establishments.  1.9 MB.

Echeverry-Solarte, Morgan.  2008.  Quantification of the Transcriptional Activity of Genes Associated with Cyanogenesis in Cassava (Manihot esculenta Crantz).  3.1 MB.

González, Gustavo M.  2008.  Distribución y abundancia de la reinita de Bosque Enano (Dendroica angelae) en el bosque de Maricao y en áreas adyacentes.  4.6 MB.

Loperena-Álvarez, Yaliz.  2008.  Detection and identification of Cryptococcus neoformans/gattii complex in novel environmental samples using physiological and genetic tools.  2.3 MB.

Marí, Sara I.  2008. Study of a Possible Replication Origin Function of Map Units 88-100 of Parvovirus Luiii in Hela Cells. 1.4 MB.

Medina-Miranda, Roseanne.  2008.  Estrategias anti-parásitos en la mariquita de Puerto Rico (Agelaius xanthomus) y el Canario de mangle (Dendroica petechia): dentro y fuera del área de manejo del tordo lustroso (Molothrus bonariensis).  2.8 MB.

Medina-Rios, Sergio.  2008.  Metazoan Parasites of Groupers (Epinephelinae, Pisces) from Puerto Rico.  6.8 MB.

Morell-Rodríguez, Gloriner.  2008.  Potential of Fungal Endophytes From Thalassia testudinum Bank ex K.D. Koenig as Producers of Bioactive Compounds.  9.0 MB.

Rivera-Sostre, Mary L.  2008.  Variación en la dieta del sapo de la caña (Chaunus [Bufo] marinus) en la reserva natural privada el tallonal en Arecibo, Puerto Rico.  801 kb.

Rodríguez-Castaño, Gina P.  2008.  Sequence Diversity and Expression of Novel Bacterial Nitrous Oxide Reductase (Nosz) Genes in Tropical Environments.  3.1 MB.

Ruperto-Cintrón, Jessica M.  2008.  Benthic Macroinvertebrates as Bioindicators of Water Quality in the Yaguez River, Mayaguez, Puerto Rico.  534 kb.

Sáenz-Zea, Diana M.  2008.  The Toxicity of Liquid Edger Herbicide on the Brine Shrimp Artemia Franciscana. 493 kb.

Sánchez-Santana, Bárbara I.  2008.  Hyphomycetes Associated with Submerged Bamboo Leaves (Bambusa vularis) in Quebrada de Oro in Mayagüez, Puerto Rico.  2.8 MB.

Tamaris-Turizo, Diana P.  2008.  Variación estacional en la disponibilidad de presas de la viuda, Himantopus mexicanus, en las Salinas de Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico.  3.2 MB.

Traverzo-Pérez, Francisco J.  2008.  Hábitat estructural nocturno y fidelidad al dormidero en Anolis cristatellus y Anolis krugi.  365 kb.

Villanueva-Areizaga, Doralis M.  2008.  Genetic Diversity of Neckeropsis undulata (Hedw.) Reich Populations in Old and Young Forest Stands.  9.1 MB.


Acevedo-Morantes, Claudia Y. 2007.  In Silico Analysis of the Putative CcmE Protein from Rhodobacter sphaeroides 2.4.1. 1.4 MB.

Argüello-López, Ana M. 2007.  Aislamiento y caracterización de cianobiontes de diversas Zamias en Puerto Rico. 2.9 MB.

Benavides-Duque, Juan C. 2007. Competitive ability of an epilithic moss, Thuidium tomentosum Schimp., under different light treatments in a subtropical lower montane forest in Puerto Rico. 395 kb.

Bernal-Múnera, Marcela.  2007.  Efectos del estado nutricional y la disponibilidad de presas sobre el comportamiento territorial de Anolis cristatellus, en el bosque urbano de Mayagüez - Puerto Rico.  491. kb.

Bracho-Rincón, Dina P. 2007. Degradación de p-Nitrofenol por bacterias en los ríos Añasco y Guanajibo y la Quebrada de Oro (Puerto Rico)

Burgos-Figueroa, Aned M. 2007. A Survey of the Alkalithermophilic Prokaryotic Diversity from the Hot Spring Waters in Coamo Puerto Rico. 3.5 MB.

Gualtero-Leal, Diana M. 2007. Composición y Abundancia de las Algas Bénticas de Cinco Sistemas Lóticos de Puerto Rico. 3.6 MB.

Guerrero-Bravo, José E.  2007.  Fluorescence-Based Assessment of Total Protease Activity/Trypsin as a Function of Variable Soybean Content in Fines Fed to the Gray Tilapia Oreochromis niloticus) and the Red Tilapia (Oreochromis hornorum).  1,020 kb.

Ludeña-Hinojosa, Yvette. 2007. Cianobacterias en la bahía de Mayagüez: abundancia, distribución y su relación con las propiedades bio-ópticas. 2.0 MB.

Martínez-Hernández, Neis José. 2007.  Composición y estructura de la fauna de escarabajos (Insecta: Coleoptera) en los remanentes de bosque del Recinto Universitario de Mayagüez, Puerto Rico, con énfasis en la
superfamilia Scarabaeoidea. 1.5 MB.

Martínez-Vargas, Katherine. 2007. Haplogroup Frequencies of Y Chromosomes with the 92R7T Allele in Puerto Rico. 730 kb.

Puerta-Martínez, Francisco. 2007.  Fluorescent Based Assessment of Trypsin Activity vs Total Proteases in the Queen Triggerfish, Balistes Vetula. 373 kb.

Quintero-Nazario, Braulio A. 2007. Forest Recovery on Abandoned Farms of the Añasco River Watershed of Western Puerto Rico. 501kb.

Rosas-Rodríguez, Militza.  2007.  Possible Role of Adenine and Thymine Rich Sequence in the Encapsidation Pattern of Parvovirus LuIII.  4.72 MB.

Ross, Gail S.  2007.  Biotic and abiotic factors affecting calling activity at traditional breeding ponds of Puerto Rican crested toads (Bufo [Peltophryne] lemur) in Quebradillas, Puerto Rico. 3.6 MB.

Soto-Ramírez, Nelís del C. 2007. A Survey of Halophilic Aerobic Prokaryotes Associated to the Leaf Surface of Avicennia Germinans at the Solar Salterns of Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico.  4.0 MB.

Tapia-Larios, Claudia M.  2007. Variación espacial  y temporal del Fitoplancton en la bahía de Mayagüez, Puerto Rico. 3.2 MB.

Yusseff Vanegas, Sohath Z.  2007. Efectos de la temperatura sobre el desarrollo de Chrysomya rufifacies y Cochliomyia macellaria (Diptera: Calliphoridae), dos especies importantes para la entomología forense en Puerto Rico.

Zegarra-Vila, Jan P.  2007.  Assessment of Eleutherodactylus richmondi Populations at the Maricao State Forest, Puerto Rico.  2.43 MB.


Anadón-Irizarry, Verónica. 2006. Distribution, Habitat Occupancy and Population Density of the Elfin-Woods Warbler (Dendroica angelae) in Puerto Rico. 1.9 MB.

Arias-García, Andrea. 2006. Lluvia de semillas bajo árboles nativos e introducidos en el Refugio Nacional de Vida Silvestre de Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico. 5.1 MB.

Bailón-Ruiz, Sonia J. 2006. Lead Bioaccumulation by Three Tropical Plant Species. 1.20 MB.

Benavides-Serrato, Milena. 2006. Taxonomic List of the Shallow Water Echinoderms of Puerto Rico with New Information for La Parguera. 3.0 MB.

Bolívar-Medina, Jenny L. 2006.  Advances in Embryogenesis and Organogenesis in Common Bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.). 7.60 MB.

Broche-Otero, Mileidys. 2006. Disponibilidad de presas para aves playeras en las salinas de Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico y su relación con los factores físicos de la región. 1.3 MB.

De Orbeta-Cruz, Jessica M. 2006. High Level Expression and Thermal Characterization of Human Centrin 1.1 MB.

Díaz-Muñoz, Greetchen. 2006. Fungal Diversity Present at a Hypersaline Environment in Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico, Determined by Characterization of Isolates and Analysis of Environmental rRNA Genes Clones Libraries. 2.3 MB.

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