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Harms-Tuohy, Chelsea A. 2016. The Management and Feeding Ecology of the Invasive Lionfish (Pterois volitans) in Puerto Rico. 2.2 MB

Lucas, Matthew Q. 2016. Integrated Studies in Coral Reef Ecology: Genetics, Octocoral Predation, and Remote Sensing. 2.1 MB

Sanchez, Phillip. 2016. High Resolution Temporal Patterns of Black Grouper, Mycteroperca bonaci, Courtship Bioacoustics at Spawning Aggregations in the Greater Caribbean. 2.4 MB



Beltrán-Rodríguez, Diana M. 2015. Conservation Biology in Benthic Reef Fishes: Population Genomics of Opistognathus aurifrons. 5.2 MB

Gumá-Cintrón, Yariela. 2015. Transcriptomic Analysis of Cobalt Stress in the Marine Yeast Debaryomyces hansenii. 1.3 MB

Santiago-Torres, Myrna J. 2015. Hurricane Forcing of Phytoplankton Biomass in the Sargasso Sea. 12.7 MB


Clouse, Kimberly A. 2015. Use of Passive Acoustic Recordings to Quantify Abundance Relationship from Courtship Associated Sounds of the Nassau Grouper (Epinephelus striatus) at Spawning Aggregation Sites in Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands. 1.0 MB

Hernández-López, William J. 2015. Benthic Habitat Mapping and Bio-Optical Characterization La Parguera Marine Reserve using Passive and Active Remote Sensing Data. 5.0 MB


Raimundi-Rivera, Koralys M. 2015. Distribución y concentración de las poblaciones de Pyrodinium bahamense en Laguna Grande, Las Cabezas de San Juan, Fajardo, Puerto Rico. 1.1 MB.

Soler-Figueroa, Brenda M. 2015. Deciphering Bahía Fosforescente: New Approaches Towards the Understanding of this Unique Ecosystem. 4.3 MB.

Wade, Christina. 2015. Detection of Human- Derived Fecal Contamination in Puerto Rico Using Carbamazepine, HF183 Bacteriodes, and Fecal Indicator Bacteria. 786 KB.



Baker, Nicole. 2014. Effectiveness of Management Regulations and Updated Analysis of Population Health and Trends of Queen Conch, Strombus gigas, in Puerto Rico. 2.37 MB.


Brandon-Merten, Wessley. 2014. Dolphinfish Horizontal and Vertical Movements and Population Structure in the Western Central Atlantic. 19.6 MB

Soto-Rodriguez, Derek A. 2014. Sexual Reproduction in the Caribbean Coral Genera Isophyllia and Isophyllastrea, in La Parguera, Puerto Rico. 3.1 MB



Esteves-Amador, Rene F.  2013.  Short-term Changes to the Coral Reef Fish Community Structure Following the Regional Coral Bleaching Event of 2005.  3.4 MB.

Meléndez-Oyola, Melissa.  2013. Dynamics of Seawater Carbonate Chemistry in a Tropical Coastal Coral Reef Environment. 3.4 MB.

Ramos-Trabal, Zullaylee.  2013.  Parasitism in Pterois Volitans (Scorpaenidae) from Coastal Waters of Puerto Rico, Cayman Islands and Bahamas.  3.9 MB.

Ruiz-Valentín, Idelfonso.  2013.  Development and Testing of a Spatial Tool for the Assessment Anthropogenic Threats in Coastal and Marine Habitats in Puerto Rico.  2.7 MB.


Rodríguez-Fernández, Ernesto J. 2013. Hindcast of Hurricane Storm Surge for Puerto Rico Using a Tight Coupling Unstructed Current Model Selfe (Semi-Implicit Eulerian-Lagrangian Finite Element) and the WWM II (Wind Wave Model II). 2.6 MB. 


Bejarano-Rodríguez,  Ivonne.   2013.  Deep Reef Fishes off La Parguera Insular Slope, Puerto Rico, and their Connectivity with Shallow Reefs.  2.4 MB.

Chaparro-Moreno, Fabian O 2013.  Análisis de distribución usando datos de electropesca de dos especies de peces, lobina Micropterus salmoides (Lacepede, 1802) y tucanare, Cichla ocellaris (Bloch & Shneider, 1801) en el embalse La plata.  3.6 MB.

Estrella-Martínez Juan A.  2013.  Caribbean Sea Water Temperatures of the Last 500 Years as Derived from Sclerosponges.  2.3 MB.

García-Moliner Basora, Graciela E.  2013.  Satellite Remote Sensing Characterization of Fish Spawning Aggregation Sites in Puerto Rico and the United States Virgin Islands.  10.9 MB.

Nemeth-Feliciano, Michael. 2013.  Distribution of Roving Herbivorous Fishes on Coral Reefs at Multiple Spatial Scales.  3.0 MB.



Ruiz Torres, Héctor J. 2012. Spatial and Temporal Variations in the Relative Abundances of Coral Reef Algae in Southwest Puerto Rico. 16.8 MB.


Casillas-Maldonado, Jorge I.  2012.  Feeding Trials of Pangasius hypophthalmus Larvae, During the First 2 Weeks Post Hatching.  1.3 MB.

Rowell, Timothy J.  2012.  Passive Acoustics as an Indicator of Red Hind, Epinephelus guttatus, Density at a Spawning Aggregation.  1.4 MB.

Seda-Miró, Jasmine M.  2012.  Phenotypic and Genetic Characterization of Debaryomyces Hansenii Strains Exposed to Cobalt and Saline Stress.  5.0 MB.



Anselmi-Molina, Carlos M. 2011. Development of an Operational Nearshore Wave Forecast System for Puerto Rico. 16.08 MB.

Mateos-Molina, Daniel. 2011. Assessing the Effects of Mona Island Marine Protected Area on Coral Reef Fishes. 4.59 MB.


Soto-Santiago, Francisco J.  2011. Epizootiology of Caribbean Yellow Band Disease in La Parguera, Puerto Rico. 1.2 MB.


Colón-Padilla, Brenda L. 2011. Development of an Autonomous Sample Filtration and Archival device for Aquatic Microbiology: Assessment of Potential Preservation Buffers. 2.5 MB.

Hernández-Vale, Omayra. 2011. Family Macrovalvitrematidae Yamaguti, 1963 (Monogenea: Heteronchoinea: Oligonchoinea): Study and Descriptions of the Puerto Rican Fauna, Phylogeny and Revised Classification, and Coevolutionary Events Resulting from the Reconstruction of the Host Phylogeny Based on Parasite Data. 8.1 MB.

Williams, Stephanie J. 2011. The Movement of White Grunts (Haemulon plumierii)
Relative to Habitat and Boundaries at Various Spatial and Temporal Scales. 16.7 MB.

Zayas-Santiago, Carmen C. 2011. Landscape structure in two reefs in La Parguera and the distribution of the Lytechinus variegates. 3.0 MB.


Brocco-Jaime, Belitza A. 2010. Influence of the Orinoco River Plume on the Balance Between Plankton Primary Production and Respiration in the Caribbean Sea. 972 kb.

Cuevas-Miranda, David N. 2011.  Development of the Holocene Cañada Honda Fossil Reef, Dominican Republic: Short and Long-Term Responses to High Sedimentation.  110 MB.

Gonzalez-Lopez, Juan O. 2010. Implementation and Validation of an Unstructured Coupled Wave-Circulation Model for Hurricane Wave and Storm Surge Inundation Modeling in Puerto Rico. 2.2 MB.

Jassoud, Alexandre F.J.  2010.  Genetic Differentiation of Eastern and Western Atlantic Octopusvulgaris.  1.1 MB.

Justiniano-Santos, Aurora M. 2010. Influence of Saharan Aerosols on Phytoplankton Biomass in the Tropical North Atlantic Ocean. 1.6 MB.

Maldonado-Hernández, Yaritza. 2010. Distribution of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons Degrading Bacteria in Southern Coastal Sediments of Puerto Rico. 962 KB.

Morales-Núñez, Andrés G. 2010. Tanaidaceans (Crustacea: Peracarida) from Coastal Waters of La Parguera and Culebra Island, Puerto Rico, with Taxonomic Observations. 3.5 MB.

Ortiz-Rosa, Suhey. 2010. Optical Properties and Photochemical Response of Colored Dissolved Organic Matter (CDOM) at Jobos Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve (JOBANERR), Puerto Rico.  3.6 MB.

Reyes-Pesaresi, Patrick.  2010.  Dynamics of Chromophoric Dissolved Organic Matter, CDOM, in Coastal Tropical Waters. 2.2 MB.

Rivero-Calle, Sara.  2010.  Ecological Aspects of Sponges in Mesophotic Coral Ecosystems.  1.9 MB. 

Rodríguez-Rodríguez, Nydia J.  2010.  Multiple Antibiotic Resistance of Enterococcus spp. in Waters and Sediments of Barceloneta–Manatí, Puerto Rico.  2.3 MB. 

Rojas, Monica L.  2010.  Genetic Population Structure of Two Species of Brittle Stars with Contrasting Life Histories. 3.6 MB. 

Williams, Stacey M. 2010. Temporal and Spatial Distribution of Early Larval Stages and Post-larval Recruitment of the Long-spined Sea Urchin Diadema antillarum in La Parguera, Puerto Rico. 1.5 MB.

Tzadik, Orian E.  2010.  Habitat Characteristics as determinants of shelf edge fish communities, with emphasis on Scarid populations, off La Parguera, PR.  594 kb.


Antoun-Kučerova, Helena. 2009. Mesoscale Forcing, Phytoplankton Community Structure and Size Class Distribution in the Caribbean.  579 kb.

Caraballo-Marrero, Amaris N.   2009.  Taxonomic composition and abundance of demersal zooplankton associated to seagrass and sandy substrates of a coral reef environment.  354 kb. 

Locke, Jan M.  2009.  Madracis auretenra (Scleractinia: Pocilloporidae) – testing our knowledge of systematics, biology and connectivity in the western North Atlantic.  4.5 MB.

López-Ortiz, Ricardo. 2009. The Diet of Masked, Brown and Red-Footed Boobies (Sulidae: Pelecaniformes) in the Mona Passage, Puerto Rico.  930 Kb.

Jiménez-Marrero, Nilda M.  2009.  Fish, algae and coral dynamics from various reefs in southwest Puerto Rico.  736 kb.

Lozada-Troche, Chad A. 2009. Molecular Systematics of Tropical Rhodymeniales (Rhodophyta) from Puerto Rico.  6.7 MB.

Merten, Wessley B. 2009. Acoustically Monitoring Coral Reef Fishes to Determine Short-Term Spatial and Temporal Movement and Habitat Utilization Patterns.  501 kb.

Rivera-Betancourt, Glauco A.  2009.  Population Dynamics and Resource Utilization by the Dusky Damselfish, Stegastes adustus (Troschel, 1865).  513 kb.

Ruiz-Ramos, Dannise V. 2009. Morphological and Genetic Variation in the Caribbean Species of the Hydrocoral Genus Millepora.  1.7 MB.

Schärer-Umpierre, Michelle T.  2009.  Using Landscape Ecology to Describe Habitat Connectivity for Coral Reef Fishes.   2.91 MB.

Torres-Pratts,  Hernán.  2009.  Genetic diversity and population structure of Caribbean marine invertebrates.  1.3 MB. 


Cardona-Maldonado, María A.  2008.  Assessment of coral reef community structure using water optical properties.  1.01 MB

Cedeño-Maldonado, Deborah J.  2008.  Spectral Properties and Population Dynamics of the Harmful Dinoflagellate Cochlodinium Polykrikoides (Margalef) in Southwestern Puerto Rico.  1.6 MB.

Flynn, Kathleen Marie.  2008.  Impact of the fungal disease aspergillosis on populations of the sea fan Gorgonia ventalina (Octocorallia, Gorgonacea) in La Parguera, Puerto Rico.  1.2 MB.

García-Reyes, Joselyd.  2008.  Genetic variability and fine-scale population structure in the threatened species Acropora palmata and Acropora cervicornis around Puerto Rico.  901 kb.

García-Vázquez, Samuel 2008.  Distribution of Exotic Australian Crayfish Cherax quadricarinatus (Von Martens, 1868) in Puerto Rico.  3.2 MB.

López-Rosado, Ramón.  2008.  Photosynthetic Efficiency of Phototrophic Plankton and Bio-Optical Variability as Influenced By Mesoscale Processes in The Eastern Caribbean Basin.  3.5 MB.

Mace, Christopher E.  2008.  Evaluation of Ground Water from the Lajas Valley for Low Salinity Culture of the Pacific White Shrimp Litopenaeus vannamei.  1.4 MB.

Méndez-Silvagnoli, Marla M. 2008.  Spatial and Temporal Variation of Chromophoric Dissolved Organic Matter Absorption in the Caribbean.  980 kb.

Mercado Molina, Alex E.  2008.  Population ecology of the demosponge Amphimedon compressa. 807 kb.

Parrilla Hernández, Deborah.  2008.  Role of Stress in Expression of Eicosanoids in the Red Alga Murrayella periclados (C. Agardh) Schmitz (Rhodophyta, Rhodomelaceae). 549 kb.

Rivera-Torres, Yaritza2008.  Isolation and Identification of the Fecal Pollution Indicators Enterococcus spp. from Seagrass Thalassia testudinum At La Parguera Puerto Rico and the Use of Enterococci for Microbial Source Tracking.  526 kb.

Rodríguez-Santiago, Áurea E.  2008.  Mitochondrial DNA Analyses for Species Identification of Snappers from Caribbean  Waters.  779 kb.

Rojas-Ortega, Edgard G.  2008.  Crecimiento bacteriano en el área de La Parguera: respuesta a factores climáticos y al flujo de agua proveniente del área de Guánica.  619 kb.

Rosado-Torres, Marcos A.  2008. Evaluation and Development of Bio-Optical Algorithms for Chlorophyll Retrieval in Western Puerto Rico.  3.3 MB.

Todd, Brandi R.  2008.  Nutrient distribution across the insular shelf of La Parguera Puerto Rico: assessment by algal tissue nitrogen.  1.7 MB.

Vega-Rodríguez, María.  2008.  Estimating Primary Productivity of Red Mangroves in Southwestern Puerto Rico from Remote Sensing and Field Measurements.  686 kb.


Acevedo Soto, Verónica.  2007. Effects of Sedimentation on the Distribution and Ecology of the Reef Zoanthid Palythoa Caribaeorum. 5.6 MB.

Beltrán-Rodríguez, Diana M.  2007. Spatio-Temporal Variation in Organic Nitrogen and Carbon in Sediments Associated with Tropical Submergedcage Aquaculture. 1.3 MB.

Fuentes-Figueroa, Dihalia.  2007.  Variation of planktonic community structure along the Orinoco River Plume.  465 kb.

Hincapié-Cárdenas, Carolina.  2007. Macrobiofouling on Open-Ocean Submerged Aquaculture Cages in Puerto Rico. 904 kb.

Lebrón-García, Sandra J.  2007. Accumulation and Elimination of Copper By the Flat-Tree Oyster Isognomon Alatus. 608 kb.

Marshak, Anthony Robert.  2007.  Evaluation of seasonal closures of red hind, Epinephelus guttatus (Pisces: Serranidae), spawning aggregations to fishing off the west coast of Puerto Rico, using fishery-dependent and independent time series data. 901 kb.

Prada-Montoya, Carlos A.  2007. Phenotypic and Genetic Variability in the Octocoral Plexaura flexuosa.  3.0 MB.


Bejarano-Rodríguez, Ivonne. 2006. Relationships Between Reef Fish Communities, Water and Habitat Quality on Coral Reefs. 1.0 MB.

Carbery Jr., Kelly K. 2006. A Case Study of Irgarol Contamination in Coastal Environments: the Case of Caribbean Waters. 428 kb.

Cerveny, Kassandra. 2006. Distribution patterns of reef fishes in southwest Puerto Rico, relative to structural habitat, cross-shelf location, and  ontogenetic stage. 2.0 MB.

Durant, Daisy. 2006. Biological responses of two Caribbean reef-building corals to a pier-generated irradiance gradient. 4.4 MB.

Irizarry-Soto, Emannuel. 2006. Abundance, Composition and Survivorship of Juvenile Corals in the Southwestern Puerto Rico, La Parguera. 8.40 MB.

McLean, Elizabeth L. 2006. Ecology of the Encrusting Sponge Desmapsamma anchorata. 1.2 MB.

Morales-Tirado, José A. 2006. Sexual Reproduction in the Caribbean Coral Genus Mycetophyllia, in La Parguera, Puerto Rico. 3.4 MB.

Pérez-Guzmán, Lumarie.  2006. Common Bacterial Symbionts in Clonal Cultures of the Toxic Dinoflagellate Ostreopsis lenticularis. 644 kb.

Soler-Figueroa, Brenda M. 2006. Comparación temporal y espacial de factores bióticos y abióticos en la Bahía Bioluminiscente en La Parguera y Puerto Mosquito en Vieques. 564 kb.


Bouwmeester, Björn L. K. 2005. Ontogenetic Migration and Growth of French grunt (Teleostei: Haemulon flavolineatum) as Determined by Coded Wire Tags. 3.4 MB.

Canals-Silander, Miguel F. 2005. On the Three-Dimensional Structure of Caribbean Mesoscale Eddies. 2.0 MB.

Colom-Llavina, Marlene M. 2005. Metazoan Parasites of Marine Mammals from the Caribbean and the Western Coast of North America. 1.1 MB.

Estéves-Amador, René F. 2005. Dispersal of Reef Fish Larvae from Known Spawning Sites in La Parguera. 2.1 MB.

García-Ureña, Rocio del P. 2005. Dinámica de Crecimiento de Tres Especies de Coral en Relación a las Propiedades Ópticas del Agua. 1.9 MB.

Griffin, Sean P. 2005. Comparison of Molecular Biomarkers Within and Accross Scleractinian Coral Speies Exposed to Elevated Temperatures. 1.8 MB.

Mejía-Niño, Nazira. 2005. Effects of Sustainable Offshore Cage Culture of Rachycentron canadum and Lutjanus analis on Water Quality and Sediments in Puerto Rico. 594 kb.

Nieves-Rivera, Ángel M. 2005. Coastal Mycology of Puerto Rico: A Survey and Biological Aspects of Marine, Estuarine, and Mangrove Fungi. 4.9 MB.

Ortiz-Prosper, Antonio I. 2005. Population Dynamics of Hurricane-Generated Fragments of Elkhorn Coral Acropora palmata (Lamarck, 1816). 1.6 MB.

Ramírez-Ochoa, Luisa F. 2005. Factores de afectan la propagación y establecimiento de Avicenia germinans L. en ambientes degradados de regiones semiáridas subtropicales. 2.6 MB.

Rodríguez-Jerez, Yira A. 2005. Abundancia y Composición de las Comunidades Zoopláncticas sobre los Arrecifes Coralinos en Isla Desecheo, Puerto Rico. 1.9 MB.

Rovira-Peña, Wilson. 2005. Characterizing Zooplankton and Microkekton Diel Vertical Migration at the Western Puerto Rican Shelf/Slope Break. 2.7 MB.

Torres-Pérez, Juan L. 2005. Responses of Two Species of Caribbean Shallow-Water Branching Corals to Changes in Ultraviolet Radiation. 2.5 MB.


Aguilar-Perera, Jacinto A. 2004. Coastal Habitat Connectivity of Reef Fishes from Southwestern Puerto Rico. 1.5 MB.

Cepeda-Pérez, Evelyn. 2004. Induced Spawning Behavior and Larval Development of the Hard Clam, Mercenaria mercenaria (Linné, 1758) in Puerto Rico. 1.6 MB.

Lugo-Ascorbe, Miguel A. 2004. Population Status of the Black Sea Urchin Diadama antillarum (Philippi) in La Parguera, Puerto Rico, 20 Years After the Mass Mortality Event. 2.1 MB.

Pinzón C. Jorge H. 2004. A Multivariate Review of the Taxonomy of the Scleractinian Genus Menadrina (Lamarck, 1801) in the Caribbean. 37.6 MB.

Ruiz-Torres, Héctor, J. 2004. Morphometric Examination of Corallite and Colony Variability in the Caribbean Coral Montastrea cavernosa. 1.3 MB.

Tirado-Acevedo, Oscar. 2004. Caracterization of Microorganisms with Carbohydrase Activities from Tropical Ecosystems. 684 kb.


Lee-Borges, Jesús. 2003. Contribution of Picoplankton to Phytoplancton Dynamics and Bio-optics of the Eastern Caribbean Sea. 3.3 MB.


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