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Darbali-Zamora, Rachid. 2016. Design, Development and Testing of a SEPIC and Buck Converter Based Electronic Power Supply with MPPT and Voltage Regulation for CubeSat Applications. 3.1 MB

Matagira-Sánchez, José R. 2016. Economic Feasibility Study of Micro Pumped Hydro and Battery Energy Storage for the Integration of Solar Photovoltaic Energy Into the Grid. 9.2 MB

RodrÍguez- Negrón, Leonardo. 2016. Physiological Effects of Focused Ultrasound Pulsation Schemes on Amphibian Peripheral Nerve Structures. 1.3 MB

Wah-González, Carlos R. 2016. Tropical Rainfall Rate Relation Assessments from Dual Polarized X Band Weather Radars. 11.0 MB



Cobo-Yepes, Nicolas. 2015. A Method for Fault Diagnosis of Embedded Systems Via At-Speed (IDDA) Current Testing. 12.60 MB

Reyes-Rodríguez, Violeta. 2015. Study of Accuracy and Hardware Performance in Discrete Transforms and their Fast Algorithms. 2.40 MB.

Rodríguez-Carrión, Nicole M. 2015. Statistical Analysis to Determine a Spatial Resolution to Improve Image Classification. 2.86 MB

Saavedra-Ruiz, Andrés. 2015. Digital Signal Analysis for Detection of Air Bubbles on Artificial Thigh Vessels. 4.64 MB


Escalona-Cruz, Pedro J.  2015.  Automated Characterization of the Dynamic On-Resistance (Rdson) in a Power Mosfet. 2.6 MB

Gómez-Marco, Oscar.  2015.  Towards an X-Bar Parser: A Model of English Syntactic Performance. 1.2 MB

Maldonado-Vargas, Jayson.  2015.  Design and Characterization of Cavity-Backed Asymmetric Annular Ring Slot Antenna and Uwb Cavity-Backed Two-Arm Modified Compound Power-Archimedean Slot Spiral Antenna for Body Centric Wireless Communications Applications. 11.2 MB


Malavé-Pérez, Luis A. 2015. Design of Single-Inductor Multiple-Output Converter for Low Power & High Efficiency Applications. 7.4 MB.

Patarroyo-Montenegro, Juan F. 2015. A Methodology to Integrate Embedded Systems Implementation in a Digital Control Systems Course. 8.0 MB.

Perea, Jorge.  2015.  On the Security of Smart Grid Communications: Vulnerabilities and Countermeasures.  1.4 MB.

Valentín-Hernández, Emmanuel. 2015. Design and Analysis of Capacitively-Fed Folded Slot and Rectangular Patch Antenna for Body Centric Wireless Comunications. 2.8 MB.



Alzate, Cristian H. 2014. A Comparison of Feature Extraction and Classification Methods for Motor Imagery EEG Signals. 2.7 MB.

Cruz-Ayoroa, Arnaldo J. 2014. Program Vectorization for Reducing Energy Consumption in Embedded Systems. 696 kb.

Orán-Hernández, Manuel J. 2014. Classification of Learning Object's Web Pages Under Educational Levels. 1.2 MB.


Marrero-Corchado, Joseph.  2014.  Integration of an Encrypted Relational Database with Android-based Graphical User Interfaces for Supporting Nurses’ Tasks at the Point of Care.  9.5 MB.


Minotta-Zapata, Felipe. 2014. Methods for Scalable Levels of Parallelism in Radix-2 FFTS for FPGA Synthesis. 2.9 MB

Ramirez, Gabriel E. 2014. Design of a Compressed Sensing System for Hyper Spectral Imaging. 2.1 MB

Vazquez-Rosario, Pedro X. 2014. AgroWebPR - A Web-Based Application for Connecting Puerto Rico’s Food Supply Chain. 9.3 MB

Warthon, Michael V. 2014. Reliability Estimation through Computer Simulation using ASAP Data. 924 kb



Pérez,  Ernesto A. 2013. Morphological Analysis of Words Using Genetic Algorithms. 787 Kb.


Berríos-Galarza, Edwin. 2013. Método de detección de aislamiento como apoyo a la generación distribuida. 1.3 MB.


Bengoa-Terán, David.  2013.  Implementation of a 3D Educational Game for Industrial Engineers.  9.7 MB.

Bernard-Lunzer, John.  2013.  Analysis of Spectral Variability in Hyperspectral Imagery with Application to Biodiversity Estimation.  3.6 MB.
Córdoba-Rodas, Angie Paola 2013.  Semantic Metadata Extraction from Open Domain Texts in Natural Language.  7.6 MB.

Figueroa-Acevedo, Armando L. 2013.  Power System Operational Reserves Requirements with Significant Renewable Generation in Puerto Rico.  7.3 MB.

Rosario-Colón, José J.  2013.  Preliminary Study of the Melting Layer in the Tropic Using a Polarimetric Doppler X-Band Radar.  7.0 MB.

Santiago-Cruz, Eduardo J.  2013.  Scada Implementation of Dynamic Thermal Circuit Rating st Georgia Power.  4.3 MB.

Vázquez-López, Víctor J. 2013.  NESA - Neighborhood Emergency Support Application.  2.1 MB.



Alemán Reyes, Juan P. 2012. Crowd-Curated Geographical Areas on a Scale-Capable Cloud Architecture. 3.6 MB.

Arzuaga Ramos, José R. 2012. Development and Usability Evaluation of a Cognitive Prosthesis Prototype for Patients with Alzheimer’s Disease and their Caregivers. 2.8 MB.

De Jesús Castro, Benjamín. 2012. Design and Implementation of a Low Power, Low Cost S-Band Bistatic Receiver. 3.0 MB.

Francisco Fernández, Luis S. 2012. Study of Correlation in Random Telegraph Signal Noise. 6.8 MB.

García Palencia, Oscar. 2012. A Novel FFT Pruning Algorithm: Improving Efficiency for a NC-OFDM Cognitive Radio. 709 kb.

Garzón Alfonso, Wilmer E. 2012. Una propuesta multialgorítmica para el análisis de secuencias biológicas. 7.8 MB.

Hernández Maduro, Felipe A. 2012. Feasibility Study of a Dish/Stirling Solar Thermal Power Plant in the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico. 3.4 MB.

Mora Navarro, Keyla M. 2012. Development and Implemetation of an Attenuation Correction Algorithm for Casa Off the Grid X-Band Radar Network. 15 MB.

Ortiz Aquino, José A. 2012. Hsense: A High Performance Framework for Distributed Weather Sensor Networks. 9.4 MB.

Polo Zabaleta, Agenor. 2012. Design Methodology for Resource Efficient Implementation of Fast Fourier Transform Cores on Field Programmable Gate Arrays. 1 MB.

Vázquez Ortiz, Juan G. 2012. SQL Based Development for the Management of FMEA and FMECA files. 3.6 MB.


Camelo-Vásquez, Angel. 2012. A MIMO Modeling Framework Using a Software Defined Radio Paradigm. 3.1 MB.


Astacio-Oquendo, Giovanni.  2012.  Search for Middle Atmosphere Waves Over Arecibo: Lidar Observations and Analysis Techniques.  2.9MB.

Chaparro-Acevedo, Marinés.  2012.  Mobile Computing: Emergency Management Application.  3.2 MB.

Labour-Castro, Abel A.  2012.  Implementación de nuevo método de rastreo del punto de máxima potencia en paneles fotovoltaicos  para el funcionamiento de radares meteorológicos sin conexión a  la red eléctrica.  2.5 MB.

Lancheros-Sepulveda, Estefany M.  2012.  Design and Simulations of an Integrated 9.41 Ghz 24 Channels Phased Array Synchronization by Phase Locked Loop for Dual Polarized Doppler Solid State Radar for Casa Student Test Bed.  6.0 MB.

Méndez-Delgado, Edgardo J.  2012.  Monolithic Integrated Solar Energy Harvesting System.  2.3 MB.

Sharma, Pallavi.  2012.  Design of Dual Polarized Antenna Array for X Band Off-The-Grid Casa Otg Radar. 5.0 MB.

Toro-Vázquez, Jonathan.  2012.  Development of 2D Testbeds and Implementation of Helix Antennas using Frequency and Time Domain Measurements for Assessment of Cwr Technologies.  2.0 MB.

Visbal-Onufrak, Michelle A.  2012.  Protein Denaturation During Magnetic Fluid Hyperthermia at a Constant Thermal Dose.  36.4 MB.



Bousoño-Zavala, Orlando. 2011. Multivariable Model Predictive Control for Optimal Operation of a Fluid Catalytic Cracking Debutanizer Distillation Column. 1.4 MB.

Castellano, Wilson. 2011. Low-Cost, Low Infrastructure X-Band Doppler Radar Development. 6.5 MB.

Cordero-González, José A. 2011. Design of a Parabolic Reflector and Reflectarray Antenna for X-Band. 16.1 MB.

Karmacharya, Rejan. 2011. Ward - A Web Based Application for Accessing Remote Sensing Archive Data. 2.1 MB.

Ossorio-Laracuente, Celibette M. 2011. Computerized Detection of Semantic Eequivalence Among Sentences in Natural Language. 581 KB.

Rodríguez-Latorre, José A. 2011. Design of an Automated Wafer-Level Parametric Test for Measuring the Reverse Recovery Parameters of LDMOS Devices. 50.1 MB.

Tafur-Bermúdez, Javier. 2011. Design and Development of a 10KHZ-1MHZ AC Magnetic Susceptometer. 6.4 MB.


Acosta-Coll, Melisa A. 2011. Clutter Elimination Methods and Data Merging for X Band Weather Radar Network in Complex Terrains.  16.7 MB.

Cardona-Soto, Melvin J.  2011. A New Cloud Classification System for Rainfall Detection Over Puerto Rico Using Remotely Sensed Data.  1.5 MB.

Castañeyra-Tamariz, Ricardo H.  2011. Analysis of Acoustic Reflections for the Detection of Obstructions in Liquid-Filled Tubes. 4.6 MB.

Márquez-Viloria, David A.   2011. Implementation of Two-Dimensional Discrete Ambiguity Distributions on FPGA Hardware Computational Structures.  6.9 MB.

Otero-Pagán Inerys.  2011. An Operator Approach to the Implementation of Signal Processing Algorithms on the TMS320C6713 Digital Signal Processor.  4.0 MB.

Paravecino, Fanny N.  2011. Object Recognition Using Spherical Harmonics Shape Descriptor in Hyperspectral Imagery.  2.4 MB.

Trigueros-Espinosa, Blas.  2011. GPU-Based Implementation of Target Detection Algorithms for Hyperspectral Images Using NVIDIA ® CUDA TM.  2.4 MB.


Cabrera-Pizarro, Rafmag. 2011. VO2-based Multiple State Micro-Mechanical Memory. 2.7 MB.

Campana-Olivo, Romel. 2011. Parallel Implementation of Nonlinear Dimensionality Reduction Methods Using CUDA in GPU. 4.8 MB.

Irizarry-Silvestrini, Miguel F. 2011. Evaluation of Photovoltaic Distributed Generation on the Voltage Profile of Distribution Feeders. 2.8 MB.

Merced-Grafals, Emmanuelle J. 2011. Development of VO2-based Tunable Micro-Resonators. 1.9 MB.

Miranda-Ramírez, Alexis J. 2011. Economic Impact of Adopting an RPS in Puerto Rico: Case Studies and Policy Recommendations. 4.5 MB.

Ortiz-de Jesús, Xiomara Y. 2011. Methodology to Improve the Nexrad Rain Rate Estimates. 1.7 MB.

Salazar-Llinas, Andrés C. 2011. Analysis and FPGA Implementation of Dynamical Maximum Power Point Tracking Methods for Photovoltaic-Fuel Cell Hybrid Systems. 14.5 MB.

Vélez-Sepúlveda, Tomás E. 2011. Economic Evaluation of Feeder Automation in a Distribution System. 418 kb.


Aceros-Moreno, Cesar A. 2010. A Computational Modelling Framework for Time-Frequency Signal Representations. 2.8 MB

Aponte-Medina, David.  2010.  Computer Vision System for Translucent Medical Devices Monitoring During Manufacturing Process.  993 kb.   

Bula Racines, Carlos D.  2010.  Study of Correlations Among Noise Sources in Sigma Delta Modulators. 3.1 MB.

Castillo-Tito, Julio.  2010.  Advanced Wireless Mesh Networks: Design and Implementation.  4.6 MB.

Cruz-García, Cristina. 2010. A Study of Equation-Free Methods for Simulation of Power Electronics Systems. 1.40 MB. 

Díaz-González, Néstor J.  2010.  Hyperspectral Texture Synthesis Algorithms.  1.1 MB.

Dorval-Joseph, Riemann. 2010. Extraction of Semantic Metadata for a Web 2.0 Site. 1,006 kb.

Dumeng-Román, Johana.  2010.  Cost Effectiveness of a Residential Cooling System Through a Solar Thermal Collectors Design.  9.1 MB.  

Feliciano-Cruz,  Luisa I.  2010.  Performance Evaluation and Simulation of a Compound Parabolic Concentrator (CPC) Trough Solar Thermal Power Plant in Puerto Rico Under Solar Transient Conditions.  6.5 MB. 

Guzmán-Rivera, Oscar R.  2010.  Industrial Power Distribution System Reliability Assessment utilizing Markov Approach.  4 MB. 

Henao-Bravo, Elkin E.  2010.  Diseño de un Esquema de Control para Extracción de Máxima Potencia en un Sistema Turbina-Generador Eólico de Baja Potencia.  3.7 MB. 

Huamán-De la Vega,  Susi.  2010.  Object Segmentation in Hyperspectral Images Using Graph Cuts Based on Active Contours.  2.6 MB. 

Mera-Romo, Daniel E.  2010.  Analysis of Low-Power Software Techniques for Real Time Operating Systems.  3.5 MB. 

Pablos-Vega, Gianni A.  2010.  Off the Grid X-Band Radar Node Development for Weather Applications.  2.4 MB. 

Peña-Ortega, Carolina.  2010.  Evaluation of Different Structured Models for Target Detection in Hyperspectral Imagery.  3.5 MB.

Rey-Villamizar, Nicolas. 2010. Improving Nonlinear Dimensionality Reduction Algorithms for Hyperspectral Data. 1.2 MB.

Rivera-Ramos, Angel R.  2010.  Analytical Model Development for LC Parasitic Estimation in Power Electronics Circuits.  643 kb.

Rivera-Torres, Caroline. 2010. Procedures for Interconnection Studies of Solar and Wind Generation Projects. 2.05 MB.

Rodríguez-Díaz, Alexis M.  2010.  Culture-Adaptive Document Design Assessment.  2.1 MB.

Santos-García, Andrea.  2010.  Understanding the Effect of Spatial Resolution on Unmixing Algorithms for Hyperspectral Imagery.  5 MB.

Sotomayor-Rodríguez, Maniel J. 2010. Building a Notional Application Atop an Open Source Cloud Platform to Manage Weather Information. 3.0 MB.

Valdivia-García, Harold D. 2010. Empirical Cost Models for Estimating Power and Energy Consumption in Database Servers. 2.8 MB.

Vélez-Morales, Edgard.  2010.  A Comparative Usability Study of Microsoft Office 2007 and Microsoft Office 2003.  1.4 MB.

Zamot-Ayala, Héctor R.  2010.  Viabilidad de la independencia de la red en áreas residenciales de Puerto Rico.  1.2 MB.


Alarcón- Ramírez, Andrés 2009.  Automatic Target Detection in Hyperspectral Images Using Level Sets.  3.1 MB.

Aponte-Santiago, Franchesca  M.  2009.  Feasibility of Ocean Wave Energy Into Electricity Using Attenuators Energy Devices in the North Coast of Puerto Rico.  19.7 MB.

Ayala-Acevedo, Abdiel.  2009.  Controllable Line Pricing.  1.4 MB.

Certuche-Alzate, Julia P.  2009.  A Reconfiguration Algorithm for a DC Zonal Electric Distribution System Based on Graph-Theory Methods.  965 kb.

Certuche-Alzate, Lilian J.  2009.  Electromagnetic Modeling of Laboratory-Scale 2d Soil-Bed Setup.  2.8 MB.

Córdoba-Erazo, María F.  2009.  Characterization of Cavity-Backed Folded Slot Antennas.  2.7 MB.

Dorado-Muñoz, Leidy P.  2009.  A Vector Sift Operator for Interest Point Detection in Vector Imagery and its Application to Multispectral and Hyperspectral Imagery.  12.5 MB.

Febo, Rey A. 2009.  Design, Fabrication and Characterization of a Rf Mems Based Reconfigurable Antenna.  2.20 MB.

Ferrero-Baker,  Osvaldo.  2009.  A Crash and Resume Query Mechanism for the NetTraveler Database Middleware System.  1.4 MB.

Fuentes, Abigail.  2009.  DFT Beamforming Techniques for Bioacoustics Signal Processing Applications.  3.7 MB.

Galarza-Torres, Damián.  2009.  Stability Optimization Installing Distributed Generation in the Electrical System of Puerto Rico.  959.11 kb

García-Elivo, Juan E. 2009. Inversor monofásico para un sistema de distribución CC.  4.7 MB.

González-Llorente , Jesús D.  2009.  Analysis of Optimal Matching Between a Dc Motor and Photovoltaic Modules Via Dc-Dc Power Converters. 2.1 MB.

Herrera-Aguirre, Edward J.  2009.  Jtracer: A Framework for Automatic Test Generation for Secure Web Applications.  1.2 MB.

Irizarry-Valle, Yilda.  2009.  An Analysis of Capacitance Multipliers Based on General Impedance Converters.  1.7 MB.

Jimenez-Brea, Emil A.  2009.  Control of Alternative Energy Hybrid System for Residential and Low Power Applications.  2.1 MB.

Jiménez Toribio, Edy E.  2009.  Impact of Distributed Generation on Unbalanced Power Systems. 2.5 MB.

Ladner-García, Hillmon P.  2009.  Photovoltaic Based Distributed Generation as a Demand Response Strategy in Puerto Rico.  3.9 MB.

Litchfield-Santana, Alexandra.  2009.  Design of Transceiver Module for Dual Polarized Doppler Solid State Radar for CASA Student Test Bed.  3.0 MB.

Martí-Arbona, Edgar.  2009.  Design of a Custom CPU Architecture for a Pacemaker Application.  1.8 MB.

Martínez-Cid, René B.  2009.  Renewable‐Driven Microgrids in Insolated Communities.  1.1 MB.

Martínez-Sinisterra, Osmarh A.  2009.  Estudio sobre el uso de medidas de complejidad para la estimación del porcentaje de clasificación correcta en imágenes hiperespectrales.  2.1 MB.

Méndez-Rodríguez, Javier.  2009.  Atmospheric Aerosol Characterization Using Lidar Power Profile & UPRM Lidar Development.  1.8 MB.

Montaño-Martínez, Víctor B.  2009.  Design and Analysis of Scalable Floating Point Fast Fourier Transforms on Field Programmable Gate Arrays.  638 kb. 

Nieves-Acevedo, Miguel A.  2009.  Development of an Administratrion Module for the Alert and Reminder Package of the  Nursing Documentation System HPAD. 1.8 MB.

Quintero-Lopez, Magaby.  2009.  Feasibility of Ocean Wave Energy into Electricity Using Oscillating Water Column in Puerto Rico. 6.4 MB.

Ríos-Olmo, Ricardo.  2009.  Three-Radar Network Deployment Site Survey for the Western Region of Puerto Rico.   6.4 MB.

Rivera-Albino, Alix.  2009.  Vivaldi Antenna Array for a Solid-State Space Distributed Amplifier. 2.0 MB.

Rivera-Rivera, Melissa.  2009.  Built-In Self Test Idd Supply Current Sensor. 4.8 MB.

Rivera Morales, Omar X.  2009.  A Visualization Porlet for Atmospheric Sensing Applications.  2.9 MB.

Rodríguez-Rivera, Carlos A.  2009.  Calibration and Validation of the First Node of the Meteorological X-Band Radar Network for the West Coast of Puerto Rico.   16.2 MB.


Aponte-Roa, Diego A.  2008.  Characterization of Aluminum Nitride Thin Films for Micro And Nanomechanical Resonators.  716 kb.

Avilés-Jiménez, Abdiel.  2008.  M-Loc: Real Time Location System for Wireless Mesh Networks.  1.2 MB.

Cruz-Rivera, Sol M.  2008.  Hyperspectral Image Classification Using Spectral Histograms and Semi-Supervised Learning.  1.8 MB.

De La Paz-Rodríguez, William Y.  2008.  An Adaptive User Interface for Satellite Imagery and Data Classification.  1.7 MB.

Duarte-Barrera, Carlos E.  2008.  Object-Oriented Re-Engineering of the Nursing Documentation System  HPad.  2.6 MB.

Gil-Arias, Omar.  2008.  Modelado y simulación de dispositivos fotovoltaicos.     6.6 MB.

Giraldo-Castañeda, Carlos A.  2008.  Maximum Power Point Tracking Using Modified P&O Method for the Off Grid Radar.  2.9 MB

Lozada-Ortiz, Pablo.  2008.  Design and Characterization of Log Periodic Rectangular Slot Ring Antenna.  1.8 MB.

Lugo-Cordero, Héctor M.  2008.  Wireless Mesh Networks: Service Oriented Designand Channel Optimization.  1.7 MB.

Ortega-Fuentes, Carlos M.  2008. Electrical Studies of Methacrylic Acid Hydrogels Molecularly Imprinted with Hydrocortisone.  2.3 MB.

Ortiz-Zuazaga, Humberto.  2008.  Discrete Methods for Microarray Analysis.  571 kb. 

Pabón-Ramírez, Wilma N.  2008.  Soft Classification of Hyperspectral Imagery Based on Linear Mixing Model and Supervised Fuzzy Logic Algorithms.  4.7 MB.

Pujols-Guridy, Rafael A.  2008.  Seismic Background Noise of Puerto Rico.  8.4 MB. 

Quintero-Pizo, Luis A.  2008.  Reducción de ruido en señales de espectroscopia Raman.  3.4 MB.

Quispe-Holgado, Edith.  2008.  Optimization of Wamdas: A Web Service-Based Wireless Alarm Monitoring and Data Acquisition System for Pharmaceutical Plants. 2.7 MB.

Ríos-Rivera, Miguel.  2008.  Small Wind / Photovoltaic Hybrid Renewable Energy System Optimization.  1.8 MB.

Rodríguez-Meyer, Michael A.  2008.  Implementation of a High-Quality Web-Based Digital Publishing Service for Higher Education. 8.2 MB.

Rodríguez-Otero, Miguel A.  2008.  Power Quality Issues and Feasibility Study in a DC Residential Renewable Energy System.  2.7 MB.

Sandoval-León, César A.  2008.  Development of Portlet-Based Sensor Management Interfaces.  2.0 MB.

Torres-Madroñero, María C.  2008.  Development of the Hyperspectral Coastal Image Analysis Toolbox (Hyciat) with a Focus on Hyperspectral and Lidar Data Fusion.  4.3 MB.

Valenzuela-Agosto, Omar.  2008.  A Tool for Mapping Images to Geographic Areas.  2.5 MB. 

Villavicencio-Calderón, Omar.  2008.  Wireless Mesh Networks: Performance Analysis and Enhancements.  1.3 MB. 


Arias-Velasco, Diego M. 2007. Enabling Distributed Radar Data Retrieval and Processing in Distributed Collaborative Adaptive Sensing Environments. 1.0 MB.

Bautista-Rozo, Lola X. 2007.  Web-Base Data Processing for Environmental Surveillance Monitoring Applications. 2.70 MB.

Benitez-Quiroz, Carlos F. 2007. Adaptive Dithering of One Dimensional Signals.  905 kb. 

Castro-Sánchez, Joan M. 2007.  Nuevas estrategias para pronosticar la trayectoria e intensidad de los huracanes en el Océano Atlántico.  2.6 MB.

Cintrón-González, Fernando J.  2007. A Grid Portal Based Tool for the Deployment and Management of Grid Infrastructures. 1.3 MB.

Gerardino-Neira, Carolina. 2007. Utilizing High-Performance Computing to Improve Performance and Investigate Sensitivity of an Inversion Model for Hyperspectral Remote Sensing of Shallow Coral Ecosystems. 814 MB.

Gómez-Gutiérrez, Juddy A.  2007.  A Framework for Integration of Services Offered by Government Agencies.  3.9 MB.

Justiniano Magraner, Jorge L. 2007. A Network Simulator Based on OSPF Routing Protocol for Network Design and Educational Purposes. 1.2 MB.

León-Chacón, Luis A.  2007.  Touchmouse: Design and Implementation of a Touchscreen Based Paper-Equivalent Electronic Form.  1.7 MB.

López-Quiroga, Arianna Y. 2007. Development of a System to Support the Clinical Tasks of Physicians with PCS and Tablet PCS. 2.8 MB.

Macias-Ferro, Hugo A.  2007.   Desarrollo e implementación de un convertidor CC-CC Bidireccional de doble puente activo.  3.9 MB.

Marrero-Fontánez, Víctor J. 2007.  Dual Polarized Microstrip Antenna Array for the Off-The-Grid Radar. 7.4 MB

Mendoza-Botero, Mariana.  2007.  A Grid Portal for Environmental Monitoring Applications.  2.0 MB.

Morales-Irizarry, Elsie V.  2007. Multispectral Image Deblurring. 4.49 MB.

Morales-Morales, Javier.  2007.  An FPGA Implementation of the Image Space Reconstruction Algorithm for Hyperspectral Imaging Analysis. 724 kb.

Moreno-Puello, Oliver A.  2007.  Peer to Peer Catalog Manager for Nettraveler Middleware System.  846 kb.

Nájera, Isabel. 2007. Development of a PDA-Based Nursing documentation Application for Hospitals. 2.11 MB.

Naranjo-Bueno, Maria F. 2007. Design of PVDF Transducers for Acoustic Reflectometry Applications. 2.10 MB.

Olarte-Enciso, Nadia E.  2007.  Development  and  Usability  Heuristic  Evaluation  of  an  Application  in  PDA  for Supporting  Physicians  Tasks  at  the  Point  of  Care.  2.9 MB.

Ortiz-López, David A.  2007.  Source Code Optimizations for Low Power Consumption on Microprocessor-Based Systems.  1.2 MB.

Rivera-Borrero, Carlos. 2007. The Development of Ground Truth Data and Accuracy Assessment of Hyperspectral Image Classification and Spectral Unmixing. 2.90 MB.

Rivera-Lebrón, Iván J. 2007. Hardware Implementation of Time Frequency Tools for Power Quality Applications.  2.0 MB.

Sánchez González, Laura E. 2007. High-Performance Self Regulating Self-Biasing Cascode Current Mirror. 3.1 MB.

Sánchez-Saavedra, Víctor J.  2007.  Modulación, modelación y control para un convertidor de potencia bidireccional aislado.  5.62 MB.

Torres-Hernández, María E.  2007.  Hierarchical Control of Hybrid Power Systems.  2.99 MB.

Vega-Cartagena, Manuel A.  2007.  Student Developed Meteorological Radar Network for the Western Part of Puerto Rico: First Node.  4.2 MB.

Veguilla-González, Ricardo.  2007.  A Hierarchical Memory Model for Terrain Data Management in Interactive Terrain Visualization.  1.5 MB.

Yunes, Yuji.  2007.  Acoustic Signal Representation for Environmental Surveillance Monitoring (ESM).  9.60 MB.


Alsaadi, Mohamad Y. 2006. Simulation Study for a Secure Routing Protocol for Wireless Mobile Ad Hoc Network. 363 kb.

Amador-Pérez, Antonio. 2006.  Characterization of Asymmentric Annular-Slot Antennas and Design of a Tunable Asymmetric Annular-Slot Antenna with Ferroelectric Material.  3.0 MB.

Aquino-Lugo, Angel A. 2006. Gray Box Modeling of Electric Drives Using Radial Basis Functions: An Experimental Case. 964 kb.

Badía-Reyes, René D. 2006. A Framework for Auditable, Paper-Equivalent Electronic Forms using Data Logging, Secure Access Controls, and Electronic Certificates. 3.5 MB.

Carrillo-Arroyo, Enrique L. 2006. Modeling and Simulation of Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor Drive System. 2.2 MB.

Chaparro-Baquero, Gustavo A. 2006. Petri Net Workflow Modeling for Digital Publishing Measuring Quantitative Dependability Attributes. 1.5 MB.

Correa-Colón, Juan A. 2006. A Framework for a Web Based Transaction Coordinator Switch. 4.0 MB.

Cuello-Reyna, Alfredo A. 2006. Applications of the Differential Evolution Optimization Algorith in Power Systems Planning, Operation and Control. 1.8 MB.

Díaz-Figueroa, María I. 2006. A Study of Speling Errors in Word Processing: Detection and Correction. 409 kb.

Díaz-Santos, José A. 2006. Classification of Underwater Color Images with Applications in the Monitoring of Deep Corals Reefs. 3.3 MB. 

Erazo-Villegas, Miguel A. 2006. An Energy-Efficient Mac Protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks for Wide Area Large Scale Environmental Monitoring. 700 kb.

Feliciano-Bonilla, Christian A. 2006. A Time-Domain Simulation Framework of an IPR-Based Shipboard Integrated Power System. 2.8 MB.

Figueroa-Roldán, Héctor M. 2006. Estimation of Vessel Wall Compliance Using Acoustic Reflectometry. 2.0 MB.

Giraldo-Castañeda, Luis G. 2006. Phase Shifter System using Vector Modulation for Phased Array Radar Applications. 2.0 MB.

Goenaga-Jiménez, Miguel A. 2006. An Impermeable Membrane Design for Hearing Aid Applications. 2.9 MB.

Gómez-Gualdrón, Janeth G. 2006. A Multiagent System Approach for a Self-Reconfigurable Electric Power Distribution System. 5.2 MB

González-Díaz, Sigfredo E. 2006. Methodology, Design, and Implementation of a Cardiac Pacemaker Prototype Using a Commercial Low Power Microcontroller. 3.8 MB.

González-Solano, Natalia F. 2006. Pattern Recognition and Text Dependent Voice Recognition System for a Biped Robot. 1.0 MB.

Herrera-Saucedo, Silvia S. 2006. Frequency Scanning Folded Slot Antenna Array. 1.8 MB.

Irizarry-Cruz, William A. 2006. FPGA Implementation of a Video  Watermarking Algorithm. 4.0 MB

Janvier-Senat, Nedier. 2006. Performanmce Study on IEEE 802.11 Wireless Local Area Network Security. 1.9 MB.

Lozano-Rolón, Wilson E. 2006. A Framework for Dynamic Scheduling Based on Quality of Service Metrics. 3.2 MB.

Monge-Guerrero, Linda M. 2006. Effect of Distributed Energy Storage System in the Voltage Stability of an Island Power System. 838 kb.

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