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Cifuentes-Maury, Said J. 2016. Manufacturing a Nano-Structured Electromagnetic Shielding Material. 2.0 MB

Du, Hengyi.  2016 Monitoring of DNA Immobilization and Hybridization through Passive Wireless Sensing Platform.  2.3 MB

Filoni, Pablo T. 2016. A Computerized System for Measuring Thermal Conductivity of Nanobubbly Water with Improved Accuracy. 7.9 MB

Flores-Morales,  Jehud J.  2016.  Implantable Intravenous Drug Delivery Device for Treatment of Hypertension: Development of a Conceptual Design.  9.5 MB.

García-Capella, José G. 2016. Study of Structural and Physical Properties of Silicon Clathrate Materials. 1.8 MB

Li, Hong.  2016.  Experimental Study and Characterization of a Wireless Glucose Sensor.  3.9 MB.

López-Vázquez, Orlando J. 2016. Sensitivity Evaluation and Characteristics of Wireless DNA Biosensor. 6.1 MB.



Declet-Vega, Amarilis. 2015. Fabrication and Characterization of Bioferroeletric Composites. 1.4 MB

García, César I. 2015. Micro Damage Initiation and Progression for Isotropic and Composites Structures Using Strain Invariant Failure Theory. 17 MB

González-Jiménez, Stephanie E. 2015. Design of a High-Throughput Microfluidic Device for Individual Entrapment of Micro-Particles. 26.1 MB

Irizarry-Zapata, Emmanuel. 2015. Development of a Combined Interface and Extended Finite Element Method to Predict Delamination in Composite Structures. 3.6 MB

Jorge-Jaime, Rafael A. 2015. Micro-Scale Crack Propagation Using the Extended Finite Element Method (XFEM). 11.3 MB


Ocasio-Latorre, Moises Y.  2015.  Development of Heat and Mass Transfer Constitutive Model for Parchment Coffee Dehydration Process. 2.6 MB


Soto-Medina, Sujeily.  2015.  Fabrication and Characterization of Chitin-Carbon Nanotubes Composites.  2.7 MB.



De Jesús-Diaz, Luis A. 2014. Design and Manufacture of a Linear Fresnel Reflector Prototype for Coffee Drying Applications in Puerto Rico. 4.7MB.

Xu, Haibo. Design and Characterization of a Passive Wireless DNA Sensor. 3.10MB.


Cuadrado-Castillo, Wesley.  2014.  Fabrication and Characterization of Sintered Recycled Glass Designed for Polluted Soil Filtering.  1.8 MB.

Florián-Algarín, David J.  2014.  Study of Wire Fabrication of Aluminum Treated with Diboride Particles.  1.2 MB.


Alicea-Román, Jean C. 2014. Study of Volume Variations in Alpha Stirling Engine Design Via a Discrete Control Volume Approach. 5.1 MB

Cora-Cruz, José J. 2014. Expression of Focal Adhesions in Response to Inducing Cellular Orientation Through Mechanical Transduction. 16.9 MB

Flores-Bonano, Sugeily. 2014. Tortuosity Index Based on Dynamic Mechanical Properties of Polyimide Foam for Aerospace Application. 3.0 MB

Padilla-Ghigliotty, Luis. 2014. Evaluation of the Effect of Substrate Modulus of Elasticity on Cancerous Cell Cultures. 13.3 MB



García-Cartagena, Edgardo J.  2013.  Ocean Circulation Modeling of the San Juan Bay. 10.5 MB.

Santoni-Ortiz, Christian J. 2013. Brownian Dynamics Simulation of Colloidal Particles in a Gay-Berne Suspension. 21.8 MB.


Amador-Ramírez, André.  2013.  Probing the Hydrodynamics of Plunging Gravity Waves through Lagrangian Observations of Inertial Particle Dynamics.  33 MB.

Lara-Rodríguez, Yareni P.  2013.  Stability of Silver Colloid by Process Control of the Synthesis using Design of Experiments.  1.2 MB.



Díaz-González, Alfredo J.  2013.  Pb-Free Electronics: from Nanotechnology to Combinatorial Materials Science.  6.0 MB.

Estremera-Pérez, Elvin G. 2013.  Fabrication and Characterization of Porous Aluminum and Zinc Via Selective Dissolution of Al-Zn Alloys.  8.4 MB.

Figueroa-Figueroa, Evaristo. 2013.  Damage Assessment Under Repeated Slamming and Creep of Foam Core Sandwich Composites.  999 kb.

Hernández-Alvarado, Freddy.  2013.  Using Propidium Iodide to Determine the Mechanism Involved for a Temporary Increase in Permeability of a Bullfrog Urinary Bladder Due to Ultrasonically Induced Cavitation.  6.0 MB.

Ruiz-Carrión, Iván.  Performance Comparison between Inverse Kinematic Algorithms on 6R Robotic Manipulators.  1.2 MB.

Vidal-Urquiza, Turner K.  2013.  Synthesis and Thermomechanical Characterization of Calcium Alginate Polymer Films.  8.3 MB.



Molina Torregrosa, Manuel M.  2012.  Structural Transformations of Low Temperature, Pressureless Sintered Silver Nanoparticles for Die Attach Interconnections. 5.1 MB.

Zhang, Yufeng.  2012.  Wireless Internet Controlled Surveillance Robot.  1.8 MB.


Blagg, Amanda. 2012. Synthesis and Thermo-Mechanical Characterization of Bare and Composite Chitosan Films. 3.7 MB.

Bonilla-Alicea, Ricardo J. 2012. Reynolds Averaged and Large Eddy Simulations of the Turbulent Flow in a Channel with Inclined and V-Shaped Turbulators on the Walls. 12.6 MB.

Cruz-Díaz, Alvin O. 2012. Design and Characterization of a Pressure Differential Trapping Mechanism for Suspended Micro-Particles in a Micro-Fluidic Device. 3.7 MB.

García-Marcano, Glorimar. 2012. Size - and Shape - Controlled Synthesis of Silver Nanostructures for Potential High Thermal Conductivity Applications. 2.5 MB.

Huang, Chu. 2012. Iphone Enable Wireless Sensor Network. 9.8 MB.

Lugo-Velázquez, Irmydel P. 2012. Characterization of a Robust Flow-Through Microfluidic Device for Single-Cell Electroporation. 2.7 MB.

Morales-Del Valle, Carlos J. 2012. Template Assisted Manufacturing of Low-Temperature Copper-Based Nano Solder. 2.3 MB.

Quintero-Cartagena, Angel L. 2012. Finite Element Analysis of Unexpected Failure of Lake-Ice Under Loads Moving at Critical Velocity. 3.2 MB.

Rodríguez-Quiñones, Rogie I. 2012. High Temperature Die Attach by Low Temperature Gold-Tin Solid-Liquid Interdiffusion. 12.5 MB.

Valentín-Rodríguez, Francisco I. 2012. An Acoustic Method for Real Time Air Bubble Detection in Simulated Blood Vessels. 9.5 MB.


Bueno-Vera, Juliana A.  2012.  Electrochemical Characterization of MC3T3-E1 Cells Cultured on γTiAl and Ti-6Al-4V Alloys for Biological Implant Applications.  7.4 MB.

Marrero-Ramos, José L.  2012.  Wireless Sensor Mesh Networks for Real Time Liquid Level Monitoring System.  3.5 MB.

Martinez-Tossas, Luis A.  2012.  Wind Turbine Modeling for Computational Fluid Dynamics.  11.9 MB.

Ortiz-Uriarte, Luis E.  2012.  Wireless Mesh Network for Manufacturing Floor Monitoring.  4.0 MB.

Otaño-Gracia, Carlo.  2012.  Electrospun Polymer Electrolyte Membranes for Fuel Cell Applications.  4.3 MB.



Cortés-Urrego, Natalia. 2011. Thermomechanometric Study of Al-Cu-B Composites Reinforced with Diboride Particles. 7.3 MB.

López-Martínez, Manuel A. 2011. Characterization of a Microfluidic Device for Autonomous Biological Cell Entrapment and Electrical Interrogation. 6.2 MB.

Palomera-Arias, Netzahualcóyotl. 2011. Organic/Inorganic Films for Biosensor Application. 3.4 MB.

Reyes-Rondon, Amabel. 2011. Heat Transfer in Turbulent Channel Flow with
Roughness on the Walls: Numerical Simulation. 2.2 MB.

Roggia, Gonzalo. 2011. Numerical Simulations of on Acoustic Wave-Guided Inside a Catheter. 12.2 MB.

Rosa-Molina, José I. 2011. Study on the Ostwald Ripening Phenomenon on Fe Sputtered Film on SiO2. 2.1 MB.

Vega-Avila, Ana L. 2011. Polyacrilonitrile Carbon Nanotubes (Pan-Cnt) Nanocomposites for Bio Fuel Cells Cathode. 3.7 MB.


Boada-López,  Jairo A.  2011. Orientation of Collagen Fibers by Mechanical Transduction on Osteoblastic Cells. 9.9 MB.

De La Cruz-Araujo, Ronal A. 2011. Model for the Bouncing Process of an Air Bubble Interacting with an Inclined Wall.  5.2 MB.


Fernandez-Batista, Juan C. 2011. Experimental and Numerical Model to Determine the Feasibility of Using Acoustic Pulses to Detect Catheter Occlusions. 10.5 MB.

Lucena-Jimenez, John A. 2011. DNS of Turbulent Channel Flow with Inclined, Continuous and Segmented V-Shaped Turbulators. 4.4 MB.

Ramos-Rivera, Glorimar. 2011. Fabrication, Characterization and Testing of Functionally Graded Aluminum-Based Targets for Sputtering Deposition of Hybrid Composites. 7.3 MB.


Acevedo-Hurtado, Paul O.  2010.  Corrosion behavior of Al-Al2O3 composites in aerated 3.5% chloride solution.  5.8 MB.

Cruz-Pérez, Benjamín2010.  Turbulent flow over a pin fin array: parametric study.  1.9 MB.

Diestra-Cruz, Heberth A.  2010.  Temperature field determination in slabs, circular plates and spheres with saw tooth heat generating sources.  3.6 MB.

Lara-Rodríguez, Laura M.  2010.  Electrochemical Characterization of Plasma Electrolytic Oxidation Coatings on TiAl and Ti6Al4V for Biomedical Applications. 21.6 MB.

Reinés-Navedo, Juan J. 2010. Mixed-Mode Fracture & Fatigue Analysis of Rotating Blades Using the Extended Finite Element Method. 2.4 MB.

Toro-Medina, Jaime A.  2010.  Direct numerical simulation of turbulent channel flow with V-shape turbulators.  2.7 MB.

Valencia-Bravo, Joaquín M. 2010. On-Line Performance Parameter Estimation of SR-30 Turbojet Engine. 2 MB.

Villalobos-Jiménez, Jose G.  2010.  Battery-free wireless pressure sensor.  2.5 MB.

Zhen, Xu. 2010. Wireless Interrogation of Passive Crack Sensor. 1.5 MB.


Adelakin, Tunde K. 2009. An Experimental Study of Aluminum Boride Particles Distribution in Centrifugally Cast Al/AlBX Composites.  1.8 MB.

Cudris-Guerrero, Vladimir.  2009.  Influencia de los parámetros termomecánicos en el efecto de doble memoria de forma del nitinol.  2.5 MB.

De Jesus-Rivera, Javier A. 2009. Three Dimensional Dynamic Psychrometric Mapping of a Typical Operating Room in Puerto Rico.  16 MB.

Echevarría-Sotomayor, Luis A.  2009.  Development of a Life Cycle Assessment Benefit Assessment for the Benefit Evaluation of Product and Processes.  1.8 MB.

García-Briones, Juan.  2009.  Numerical Study of Transport Processes in the Gas Diffusion Media of a Fuel Cell.  1.0 MB.

Giordano, Mauricio A. 2009. Study of Bioheat Transfer Processes for Hyperthermia Cancer Treatment.  2.1 MB.

Herger, Edward. 2009.  Characterization of the Dynamic Onset of Fibric Damage in Type I Collagen Fascicles.  6 MB.

Hidalgo-Hernández, Ruth G. I. 2009.  Tribological Characterization of Al-Cu-Mg-B Composites Subject to Mechanical Wear. 3.8 MB.

Katiyar, Rajesh K. 2009.  Synthesis and Characterization of Cathode Materials for High Energy Density and High Rate Capability Lithium-Ion Rechargeable Batteries.  1.39 MB.

Lugo-Ortiz, José E. 2009 Development of a Variable Diameter Wheel for Motion Transmission.  1.7 MB.

Mazuera-Robledo, Jesús D.  2009.  Synthesis and Characterization of Polyimide Cobalt Ferrite Nanocomposites for Potential Applications in Mems.  1.65 MB.

Nieves-Flores, Neit J. 2009. Characterization of Bidimensional Geometry Through Solid Modeling Software Using a C++ Interface.  3.2 MB.

Olaya-Luengas, Lilia.  2009.  Characterization of Squeeze-Cast Alb12/Al and Alb2/Al Composites.  2.49 MB. 

Paez-Correa, Daniel A.  2009.  Nanofabrication of Metal/Polymer Structures for Surface Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy Based Biosensing. 3.0 MB.

Veléz-Reyes, Otoniel.  2009.  Numerical Simulation and Development of a Ferrofluid Pumping Device Driven by Electromagnets.  3.2 MB. 

Ramos-Sáenz, Carlos R.  2009. Development and Characterization of Oxide Scaffolds on Gamma-TiAl Surfaces to Enhance Osseointegration. 14.7 MB.

Renta-Rosa, Lorraine M.  2009.  On the Selection of Commercially Available Sn-Ag-Cu Pb-Free Balls Components Over Re-Balling the Components with Sn37Pb Balls to Comply with the Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive in the Aerospace Industry.  1.9 MB.

Riccetti, Miguel. 2009. Optimization and Characterization of a Magnetocaloric Pump Using Ferrofluids.  2.3 MB.

Ruiz-Valle, Héctor J. 2009. Numerical Analysis of Berdut Linear Electric Motor for Train Propulsion.  2.1 MB.

Silva-Reyes, Anthony.  2009.  Data-Driven Life Prediction Model for Bearing Failure.  1.8 MB.

Zambrano-Roman, Byron A.  2009.  Water Transport in the Diffusion Media of a Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cell (PEMCF).  1.3 MB.


Castro-Aguila, Julio C.  2008.  A Screw Theory Approach to Analyze the Dynamics of Parts in a Vibratory Bowl Feeder.  2.6 MB

Díaz-Santiago, Virginia.  2008.  Implementation of a Real-time Multivariate Data Analysis Methodology in Injection Molding and High Frequency Welding Process.  503 kb.

Mantilla-González, Angel R.  2008.  Numerical Study of Two-Phase Turbulent Flow.  1.8 MB.

Peralta-Serrano, Alexander.  2008.  Innovative Vibration Technique as a Viable Substitute for Conventional Three Point Bending Fatigue Testing.  1.4 MB.

Velasco-Abreo, Andrés F.  2008.  Preparation of Copper-Bearing Nanofluids for Thermal Applications. 3.1 MB.

Vidal-Urquiza, Glenn C.  2008.  Turbulent Flow Past Over a 3–Dimensional Triangular Bluff–Body Flameholder Using Direct Numerical Simulations.  1.5 MB.


Bejarano-Rodríguez, Fernando A. 2007. Crack Identification of a Rotating Shaft with Integrated Wireless Sensors. 819.67 kb. 

Bermúdez-Torres, Erick O. 2007. Design and Mechanical Characterization of a Magnetocaloric Pump. 1.0 MB.

Calderón-Arteaga, Christian H. 2007. Redes neuronales artificiales y funciones de transferencia aplicados a la estimación de humedad de suelo y temperatura del aire. 2.1 MB.

Chávarri-Pajares, Erick E. 2007. Polyol Synthesis and Characterization of Magnetic Nanocrystalline Cobalt and Cobalt Platinum. 4.0 MB.

Julca Benites, Oswaldo M. 2007. Detection of Climate Changes Over the Global and Caribbean Basin. 2.5 MB.

Maldonado-Fernández, Axel. 2007. Numerical Simulation of the Structure of Time Dependent Homogeneous, Isotropic Turbulence. 366 kb. 

Pedraza Torres, Sandra R. 2007. Studies on Directional and Rapid Solidification of Al-B-Cu Composites. 2.8 MB.

Pérez-Reisler, Rafael A. 2007.  Heat and Mass Transfer Effects in Air-Cooled Vertical Tube Absorbers. 1.1 MB.

Renteria-Beleño, Boris. 2007. Preparation and Characterization of Polyaniline-Based Magnetic Nanocomposites for EMI Shielding Applications. 7.5 MB.

Reyes-Russi, Luvina. 2007. Synthesis and Characterization of (AlMg)B2- Aluminum Based Composites and Nanocomposites. 3.1 MB.

Rodríguez-Gutierrez, Radhames de J.  2007.  Analysis of Thermal Conductivity of Ferrofluids.  1.2 MB.

Rosales-Niño, Oscar M. 2007. Hydrogen Transport Behavior and Phase Decomposition of Aisi-321 Austenitic Stainless Steel Via Cathodic Polarization. 2.4 MB.

Ruiz-Mercado, Ana M. 2007.  Surface Response Analysis of Electrospun Nanofiber Beads. 10.5 MB.

Torres-Díaz, Isaac G.  2007.  Impacts of Low Land Use on a Tropical Montane Cloud Forest Under a Changing Coastal Climate.  2.6 MB.

Wang, Ya. 2007. A Passive Wireless Temperature Sensor For Harsh Environment Applications. 877 kb.


Barrera-Valero, Osvaldo A. 2006. Preliminary Performance Study of Sherwood Regulator. 910 kb.

Duque-Rojas, Nairobi B. 2006. AFM Stidies of Fractured Surfaces of AF1410 Steel and AA7075-T6 Aluminum Alloy. 4.2 MB.

Huertas-Ortecho, Carlos A. 2006. Robust Bird-Strike Modeling Using LS-DYNA. 2.7 MB.

Jaimes-Rolón, Ricardo A. 2006. Diseño asistido por internet para sistemas mecánicos-IAD. 5.8 MB.

Ke, Sun. 2006. Design and Characterization of Passive Wireless Strain Sensor. 2.5 MB.

Martínez-Marti, Enrique G. 2006. Flow and Entropy Characteristics around Airfoils in Subsonic and Supersonic Flows. 3.2 MB.

Melgarejo-Pinto, Zenón H. 2006. Fabrication and Characterization of Functionally Graded AI/AIB2 Matrix Composites for High Wear Aerospace Applications Using Centrifugal Casting. 4.1 MB.

Orengo-Rodríguez, José. 2006.  Time Constant Anomaly Detection of Thermocouples using Transient Data. 801 kb.


Álvarez-Hernández, Ángel R. 2005. Combined Flow and Heat Transfer Characterization of Open Cell Aluminum Foams. 1.1 MB.

Angeles-Malaspina, Moisés E. 2005. An Assessment of Future Caribbean Climate Change Using "Business as Usual" Scenario by Coupling GCM Data and RAMs. 2.4 MB.

Cataño-Montoya, Juan E. 2005. Development of a Magnetocaloric Pump for Applications in Heat Pipes. 1.6 MB.

Cecchini, Andrés. 2005. Damage Detection and Indetification in Sandwich Composites Using Neural Networks. 3.4 MB.

Charca-Mamani, Samuel. 2005. Study of Hydrogen Permeation and Diffusion in Steels: Predictive Model for Determination of Desorbed Hydrogen Concentration. 1.6 MB.

Delgado-Alvarado, Carolina. 2005. A Study of the Corrosion Resistance of Gamma Titanium Aluminide in Ringer's Solution, 3.5 WT%NaCl and Seawater. 2.0 MB.

Jiman, H. 2005. MRI and CT Image Based on 3D Reconstruction and Medical Rapid Prototyping (MRP). 4.0 MB.

Medici, Ezequiel F. 2005. Finite Simulations and Optimization of Berdut  Linear Motor for a Novel Elevator System. 2.0 MB.

Rojas-Gordillo, Iván. 2005. Análisis de exergía en dos puntos críticos en una industría productora de harina de pescado. 1.1 MB.

Suárez-Acuña, Jaime. 2005. Generalized Water Hammer Algorithm for Piping Systems with Unsteady Friction. 1.2 MB.


Araya, Juan G. 2004. Transient, Three-Dimensional Numerical Model of Laser Cutting Process in Ceramics with Phase Change Consideration. 1.2 MB.

Calderón-Arteaga, Hermes E. 2004. Efectos de la deformación mecánica sobre compuestos de matriz de aluminio tratados térmicamente. 3.2 MB.

Carreño-Chavez, Rolando A. 2004. Natural-Convection Heat Transfer in Supercritical Fluids. 1.5 MB.

Castro-Moura, Eslie R. 2004. Vibration-based Stiffness and Damping Matrices Updating of a Composite of a Sandwich Composite Beam. 519 kb.

Cornier-Ríos, Harold. 2004. Effect of Recycling on Material Properties of Polyehylene Terephthalate at Various Recycling Ratios and Recycling Generations. 843 kb.

Cruz-Ruiz, Edmundo. 2004. Modelling of Heat Transfer in Open Cell Metal Foams. 2.3 MB.

Díaz-González, James. 2004. Dynamics of Parts on Narrow Tracks Using the Multibody Theory. 4.9 MB.

Diazgranados-Jimenez, Jorge A. 2004. Design of an Intravenous Drug Delivery Device. 823 kb.

García-Galeano, Eduard A. 2004. Estudio teórico y experimental de modelos para cálculo y control de presiones subatmosféricas durante flujo transitorio. 1.6 MB.

Hernández-Mora, Madeline. 2004. Modeling of the Thermal Behavios of a Power Electronic Module. 4.3 MB.

Robles-Nieves, Victor. 2004. Static and Dynamic Analysis of a Piping System. 1.1 MB.

Santos Cordero, Abigail. 2004. Analyzing The Parts Behavior in a Vibratory Bowl Feeder to Predict the Dynamic Probability Profile. 3.9 MB.


Marrero-Ortiz. Victor, L. 2003. Numerical Simulation and Experimental Validation of the Re-Design High Tc Current Leads for Astro-E2 X-Ray Spectrometer Detector System. 1.7 MB.

Meza-Castillo, Omar E. 2003. Analysis of Conduction Heat Transfer in Semi-Infinite Slabs and Infinite Quadrants with Discrete Heat Generation Sources Using Green's Function Integral Methods. 7.1 MB.


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