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Albertorio-Pizarro, Heri J. 2015. Escape Through the Literary Borderlands: A Postmodern Examination of Michael Chabon’s The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay. 1.6 MB

Sárraga-López, Yamil. 2015. I’m in America: Critically Exploring Latino Cultural Identity in West Side Story for English Classrooms. 1.2 MB.


De Jesus, Annerys.  2015.  Ecological Education: Pedagogy of Awareness, Transformation and Action through Children’s Literature in an ESL classroom.  1.9 MB.

Feliciano-Bonilla, Griselle.  2015.  An Adaptation of Suggestopedia:  Enhancing ESL Learners’ Motivation through Music, Relaxation Techniques, and Role Playing.  1.5 MB.

Irizarry-Ramos, Elenita.  2015.  Breaking Social Barriers: A Participatory Observation of Social-media Interactions in an Undergraduate-Student Mentorship of At-Risk Youth at a Foster Care Institution in Puerto Rico.  2.3 MB.

Motaghedi, Parham.  2015.  Understanding Language Ideologies in Puerto Rico: From Colonialism to Translanguaging.  966 kb.

Reyes-Roman, Jessica E.  2015.  Analyzing the Relationship between Transatlantic Slavery and Motherhood in The History of Mary Prince, A West Indian Slave Narrative. Related by Herself.  381 kb.

Rivera, Adrian J.  2015.  Assessing Student Perspectives on Pedagogical Translanguaging: A Case Study of a Puerto Rican University Classroom.  2.0 MB.

Torres, Francisco.  2015.  Rumpelstiltskin: Superimposing Current Societal/Cultural Needs onto the Fairy Tale Genre.  753 kb.

Torres-Sánchez, Melissa.  2015.  Integrating Multiliteracies into the ESL Curriculum: Graphic Novels as a Means of Expression and Motivation.  5.0 MB.

Vega-Cedeño, Julio E.  2015.  Seeking Social Justice: A Critical Understanding of Reggaeton Narratives.  576 kb.



Paige-Buchanan, Christine. 2014. Student Mobility and ‘El Spanglish’: Describing Colombian Student Migration to UPRM and their Perceptions and Realizations of Language Use at the Graduate Level. 866 kb.

Roberts, Krista E. 2014. Pink Shadows: A Comparison of the Internal/External in Cancer Vixen and The Cancer Journals. 561 kb.


López-Rodríguez, Jennifer.  2014.  The Potential Effect of Using the Flipped Classroom Approach in the Teaching of English as a Second Language.  582 kb.


Bathke, Kevin R.  2014.  Remediation in Paradise: (Mis)labeling Low English Proficiency Students at UPRM.  1.0 MB

Delgado-Rivera, Ivette.  2014.  Withdrawal and Non-Passing Grades in UPRM Pre-calculus I: What’s Language got to do with it?. 1.6 MB

Dhillon, Nihal K. 2014. Using Smartphones to Create Films in the English Composition Classroom: Digital Filmmaking as a Pedagogical Tool. 1.4 MB

Pérez-Cortés, Luis E. 2014. Press “start” to learn: Engagement for English learners from the virtual environment of video games. 1.8 MB

Traverso-Vargas, Jadira M. 2014. Divergent thinking in the English classroom: Center stage for stories, poems and cultural expressions through dance. 2.3 MB



Colón-Vale, Layla. 2013. “It was all a matter of hints and shades”: Reconceptualizing Virginia Woolf’s Flush. 586.43 KB.


Mendoza-Morales, Fiorelys.  2013.  Communicative Competence in a Biology Course at the UPRM: A Case Study.  659 kb.


Uwakweh-Evuleocha, Stephania.  2013.  Green English: An Interdisciplinary Approach to Eco-Conscientization.  1.2 MB.



Robles Lugo, Jo. A. 2012. And Tango Makes Three and tyyl: A study of Censorship and Banned Books in Twenty-First Century America. 671 kb.

Sánchez Belén, Stephanie. 2012. The Creation and Field Testing of a Teaching Unit Focused on Positive Transfer of Spanish/English Cognates with a Group of 7th Graders in a Public School in Puerto Rico. 3.0 MB.

Santos Muñoz, Yalitza Y. 2012. The Ripple Effect: Mirror Images of Helen of Troy.
418 kb.


Villanueva-Vega, Marién. 2012. Fairy Tales and Reggaeton Narratives: Reinforcement of Gender Stereotypes Inherent in Puerto Rican Popular Culture. 504 kb.


Hong-Ng, Wi.  2012.  Towards a Multidisciplinary Approach on Video Game Studies: A Case Study of Portal. 4.5 MB.

Kobialka, Matthew D.  2012.  Immigration and Language Threat in a Local Newspaper: A Case Study of Hazleton, Pennsylvania.  2.1 MB.

Méndez-Bonet, Yazmin.  2012.  Listening to the Voices of the Caribbean: Introducing Caribbean Children’s Literature into the English Classroom in Puerto Rico.  2.0 MB.

Muniz-Villalon, Gerardo M.  2012.  Fearful Narrator: A Look at Problems of Reliability in the Storytelling within Moby Dick and At The Mountains of Madness Upon the Emergence of The Supernatural.  674 kb.

Ortiz-Guzmán, Lisa.  2012.  ¿Es Inglés la Clave?: Life Histories of First-Generation-College-Student Return Migrants and Their Perceptions of English as Key to College and Professional Success.  1.4 MB.

Pérez-Villa, Jeanette.  2012.  Integrating Technology in the English Classroom.  477 kb.

Rivera-Villanueva, Marylian.  2012.  Problematizing Yertle the Turtle, the Lorax, and Horton through Critical Literacy, Global Issues and Freire’s Tenets.  574 kb.

Rodríguez-González, Nataly.  2012.  Lessons from the Mayawest Writing Project: A Case Study of an English Teacher.  827 kb.

Rodríguez-Marrero, Jorge.  2012.  Mordor and the Threat from the East: Tolkien's Shifting Intentions: Orientalism and Representation in J.R.R. Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings.  1.7 MB.

Santiago-Vega, Kimberly N. 2012. Agriculture Students’ Language Needs in General Education Courses: A Case Study.  795 KB.

Torres-Ramos, Alison.  2012.  Historical and Ideological Differences between English and Spanish Curricula in Puerto Rico.  506 kb.



DeRosa- Torres, Adam A. 2011.  Phrasal Verb and Reading Comprehension Amongst Puerto Rican ESL University Students. 437 kb.

Matos-Ayala, Stephanie. 2011. Cleverly Voiced: The Narrators’ Uncommon Perceptions and Depictions of the Bad Woman in Middlemarch and Vanity Fair. 696 kb.

Matos-Caro, Angel D. 2011. Materializing the Specter: The Scapegoat and the Victorian Bildungsroman. 474 kb.

Tubéns-La Salle, Alexandra. 2011. Using Memoirs and Technology to Develop Reading and Writing Skills for Twelfth Grade English Students. 1,004 kb.


Aguiló-Pérez, Emily R. 2011. Through the Looking-Glass: Contemporary Film Adaptations of Alice in Wonderland.  782 kb.


Contreras-Santiago, Edward G. 2011. Language Use in “Mensajes De Texto” with Students at UPRM.   685 kb.

Cruz-Rodriguez, Francheska. 2011. Adapting RPG’S in an ESL College Classroom. 1.3 MB.

Doreste-Martín, Blanca. 2011. The Role of Emersonian Transcendentalism in
Alan Ball’s American Beauty and Six Feet Under.   645 kb.

Lauer, Jessica R. 2011. Hungry for More: Reading under the Tuscan Sun as a Gastrography.  922 kb.

Matos-Ayala, Jennifer. 2011. A Feeling or Something More: Love as a Liberating Force in Their Eyes Were Watching God, Sula and The Women of Brewster Place.  450 kb.

Muñoz-Caro, Giselle M. 2011. Assessment of the Teaching of English Oral Communication at a Public High School in Rincón, Puerto Rico. 1.2 MB.

Padilla-Lebron, Yolanda. 2011. “I am doing better and better”: From Critical Pedagogy to Action Research. 1.3 MB.

Ramos-Delgado, Karilyn. 2011. Language Contact between Rincoeños and Americans in Rincón, Puerto Rico. 1.6 MB.


Altiery-Irizarry, Yadira.  2010.  English Language Use among First Generation Adult Latinos in a Latino Community in Colorado, USA. 2.06 MB.

Flores-Pabón, Judy. 2010. English in the nursing profession in Puerto Rico: needs, uses and curriculum. 772 kb. 

Ramírez-Rodríguez, Stella M.  2010. Stepping Away From the River: La Llorona as a Symbol of Female Empowerment in Chicano Literature.  596 kb.

Romaguera, Gabriel E. 2010. Piecing the Parts: An Analysis of Narrative Strategies and Textual Elements in Microserialized Webcomics. 2.8 MB. 

Sanabria-Morell, Jeniffer. 2010. Mentor and mentee: bridging two perspectives on gta training a case study on gta training needs in the Department of English at UPRM. 539 kb.

Soto-Vega, Karrieann M. 2010.  Rocking and Reading Exploring Multimodal Media Literacy in an ESL College Classroom.  1.2 MB.


Arvelo-Alicea, Zaira R. 2009. Mayormente Las Nenas: Gendered Discourses In Online and Offline Educational Settings.  746 kb.

Duprey-Almeyda, Magaly M. 2009. Language Use, Attitudes, Perception and Production of English Vowels Among Tenth Graders in a Public High School in Aguadilla, Puerto Rico.  2.3 MB.

Figueroa-Seda, Virginia D. 2009. Sample ESL Oral Tests to Assess English Proficiency Skills of Pre-Basic Students at UPRM.  1.5 MB.

Martinez-Marrero, Lizzel.  2009.  Reading Attitudes, Habits and  Performance of Third Grade ESL Students Participating in a Reading Challenge Program. 523 kb.

Méndez-Rodríguez, Sharon.  2009.   Re-Creating the Text: Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice and Its Film Adaptations.  344 kb.

Nieves-Pérez, Awilda. 2009. Kindergarten English Teaching Through the Arts (Ketta): Curriculum Development.  9.4 MB.

Rosas-Nazario, Irmaris.  2009.  Exploring the Writing Process Across Modalities: Learning in Face-to-Face and Online Classrooms.  457 kb.

Soto-Santiago, Sandra L. 2009. Because They Said So: Life Stories of Four College Students in Puerto Rico and the Influential Factors in Their English Learning Process.  267 kb.


Acevedo-Biaggi, Francis.  2008.  The Creation of an English Curricular Unit for 10th Graders in a Public School in Western PR.  599 kb.

Feliciano-Martínez, Melody.  2008.  Dictionary Use and Instruction in Pre-Basic English at the University of Puerto Rico Mayagüez.  248 kb.

Orozco-Cortés, Filimón.  2008.  The American Dream: Disillusionment in Selected Works of Ana Castillo, Judith Ortiz Cofer, and Virgil Suarez.  199 kb.

Quintero-Aguiló, María del C.  2008.  From Theory to Practice: Mending the Gap Between Truth and Memoir.  3.9 MB.


Cardona, Stephanie M. 2007. Teaching English the Puerto Rican Way: Developing Eslmaterials that Mirror the Source Culture for the Puerto Rican Elementary English Classroom. 2.69 MB.

Cortés-López, Camille L. 2007. The New Face of the Vampire: Autobiographical Fiction in Anne Rice’s The Vampire Chronicles. 457 kb.

Echevarría-Méndez, Damaris. 2007. English in the Lives of Former UPRM Engineering Students. 777 kb.

Ferrer-Muñoz, Aleida. 2007. The Design and Creation of a Bilingual Phonemic Awareness Test for Puerto Rico. 7.8 MB.

López-Hernández, Yezenia.  2007.  Attitudes of Basic Track Students Towards English at the University of Puerto Rico at Mayaguez.  472 kb.

Maldonado-Valentín, Mirta.  2007.  Voice Onset Time for Voiced and Voiceless Stops Across English Proficiency Levels for Sixteen Puerto Rican Spanish Speakers at the University of Puerto Rico At Mayagüez.  535 kb.

Mateu-Zayas, Thea L. 2007. Learning by the Numbers: Critical Discourse Analysis of Representations of No Child Left Behind Public Law 107-110 in Puerto Rico. 616 MB.

Otero, Iris. 2007. An Analysis of Gender Representations in Children’s Novels by Frances Hodgson Burnett. 442 kb.

Smith, Linda.  2007.  Representations of Strong Black Women in Calypso Lyrics of Calypso Rose, Singing Sandra, Singing Francine, Singing Vennie, and Queen Bee; and in Zora Neale Hurston’s Work: Their Eyes Were Watching God and Edwidge Danticat’s Work: Breath, Eyes, Memory. 275 kb.

Torres, Pauline. 2007. Teacher Change in the Knowledge and Practice of Responding to ESL Student Writing. 845 kb.


Gómez-Álvarez, Jennifer. 2006. Teaching William Blake's The Songs of Innocence and of Experience to University ESL Students  with Reader-Response and Freirian Pedagogy. 314 kb.

Hermina, Jannette. 2006.  Style Shifting in Spanish and English Across Three English Proficiency Levels at the University of Puerto Rico at Mayagüez. 468 kb. 

Jiménez-Justiniano, José. 2006. "A History of Possibilities": The Use of History in the Interpretation of William Shakespeare’s Second Tetralogy. 451 kb.

Ríos-Ramírez, Aynicha I. 2006. Style for Puerto Rican High School Students: A Teaching Unit Focusing on Informal Style and Slang. 2.3 MB.


Carroll, Kevin S. 2005. Teacehrs Speak Out on the Use of the English Curriculum in Southwestern Puerto Rico. 324 kb.

Irizarry-Vincenti, Mayrin. 2005. Attitudes of Ninth Graders in a Rural Middle School in Yauco, Puerto Rico Toward the English Language and the English Class. 532 kb. 

Vargas-Batista, Gladys M. 2005. Teaching Units to Lower Language Anxiety for 8th and 9th Grade ESL Students in Puerto Rico. 769 kb


Messier, Vartan P. 2004. Canons of Transgression: Shock, Scandal, and Subversion from Matthew Lewis' The Monk to Bret Easton Ellis'American Psycho. 708 kb.


Ríos-Cordero, Hugo, J. 2003. Charting the Route: From Gothic to Magic Realism. 418 kb.


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